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Ok, the girl and I are down sizing the number of cars. I have a 2007 Black 4 Door Rubicon with 9000 miles.

I believe it has every option. Asking $31,000. I have a dealership that I can run this through to help out with interest rates. It is completely stock. Has a small rockchip in the windshield and a small dimple in the front corner of the bumper. Other then that, it is great. I had plans to put 37s on it and a long arm kit, but my TJ is getting all the action and I want a new tow vehicle so I am getting rid of this, a 2003 3/4 ton Suburban, and a 2006 Infinti M35 Sport.

[email protected]
Houston, Tx

ps - this is my first post here, but I have a lot over at pirate4x4 under "iispms"

I have this pic of it, I will take some more this week.

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