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I have had my eye on this JK Rubicon of my MIL's kids for several years. I told her that once they decided to sell it I had dibbs. That day finally came Friday.

2007 Rubicon. Mismatched tires. Needs some maintenance. Battery, front brakes, etc.

I did a frame off restoration and build to 37's with a SOA and other tricks on a 1973 IH Scout II back in 2000-2002 :thankyou: So I'm able to do about anything. I've lifted a couple TJ's for friends. I'm active over on Pirate and a mod in the OSR section there.

The JK will be 95% mall crawler and 5% wheeled with family, light stuff, but I believe in buy once cry once.


35's - BFG KTM (whatever they are called this week) on new wheels
2.5 - 3.5" lift by Synergy or Rock Krawler, but I am open to suggestions
Probably sticking with the stock bumpers for now but I will need a rear carrier for the spare. I am ok with beefing up the rear stock mount or the Tera Flex hinge if that's reliable.

Stock Rubicon rock rails are rusty and if I am going to pull them and sandblast and paint I am going to go with ACE rails or something like that.

So who has the best prices on lifts outlined?

I will install the lift.

I need wheels and tires. Who has a good combo price mounted and balanced and shipped.

Problems with the JK:

Locker lights flash. Front locks. Rear just flashes and pops. Won't engage. I will be pulling the cover and inspecting. I doubt the rears or the front have been engaged in over 60,000 miles.

I have searched and read of issues like mine. Will update.

PM's from vendors welcome.
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