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Deciding to move on to other projects and maybe start over with another Jeep. Unfortunately the JK has to go. Asking $21,000 and has 61000 miles.
Pictures - Click Here

Automatic transmission, 4.10 gears
JE Reel Front Drive shaft
LOD Signature Series Front Bumper
SuperWinch EPi 9.0
TeraFlex Sway Bar Disconnects
AEV Snorkle
Rear JKS adjustable Track Bar
Power Door locks
Power Windows
Tinted Windows
Keyless entry
Side Impact Air Bags
Rusty's 3.25" lift with extra 1" coil spacers.
Steel belted extended brake lines
Custom Rock Sliders
Cable ran for CB and attena mount on rear tire carrier
Custom front bumper
wheels - Pro-Comp
Tires - 35/12.5/17 BFG KM2's
Grab handles all around.
3 years and 39000 miles left on bumper to bumper warranty
K&N Air Filter
This Jeep really turns heads. Pictures available on request. Located in Woodhaven, MI

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not trying to blow up your FS thread, but you asked for advice. I bought my 07 JKu rubicon in '08 for $23.5K w/ about 20k on the clock. I'm thinking your asking price is high. unfortunately, after market add ons arent worth anything unless you find the right buyer. the other thing is that youre advertising a jeep on a board full of people who own jeeps. you might want to try some other advertising tactics. i have always liked using edmunds.com as a base to find where I should start my asking price when selling a used vehicle. Also, with the way the market is right now, most people arent buying used cars that need loans. Either they are paying cash for used, or financing new since rates are so low. that 20k price range is a tough one for used cars. Another option is to part out your add ons and bring it back to stock, then sell it for stock values. I've had some friends that have had success with this.

good luck with the sale, hope I helped some.

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You might consider selling some of your mods if you still have the stock stuff. If so...first in line. :smokin:
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