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Removing my seats due to JK-8 and custom bench seat. These cloth seats only have 48k miles on them and always had seat covers. Only one blemish on the drivers side from sliding in and out after three months of waiting on my new seat covers. Never smoked in and always garaged.

Rear seats come with the brackets and center seat belt. The other two were eaten by a puppy.

Front seats may or may not come with the mounting brackets. I'm sure for the right price I can be talked into letting go. ;)

eBay seats are selling for $1000 just for the fronts! I'd like to make a package deal one one pallet for JKO members.

$1100 plus shipping. I get discounted rates so PM me your zip and if you can get a commercial address.

Trying a new way to upload pictures so bear with me.

Link to images: https://photos.google.com/album/AF1QipORJaK82-S1IDxr0FLzIGmJLoYRRCzVcQXM8W_o
1 - 3 of 3 Posts