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I have maintenance/service records from prior owner and my self. Oil has been changed every 3000 miles w/Castrol 20-50W. I'm looking to pick up a F650 GS that will better fit my current riding needs. If you've got a trade offer, please have service/repair records/history, I do. KBB lists retail at $4650.00 and that's w/o all the extras. This is the more desirable non-servo assist model.

Rear passenger seat-OEM, Fastway front foot pegs, Replaced all foot peg posts w/stainless posts, Tourtech 41L panniers (special order to fit lowered exhaust--one has been repaired, bought it that way, but does not leak), Touratech keyed locks for panniers (not installed), 2 ea 1.5 L Primus fuel cylinders, Replaced brake bleed valves w/stainless valves, Givi tall windscreen, 2 ea. 12v outlets for accessories, Replaced OEM shock and torque bar w R1150RTP parts to lower seat height, Replaced plastic tool cover w/metal cover, Replaced rear turn signals, Rear grab bar (when Storm case is not mounted), Gizmo flashing LED rear brake light, Carbon fiber spark plug covers, alloy 90 degree valve stems, oblong mirrors from K series bike, Oil cooler guard, Two Brothers "Y" pipe and low muffler conversion, Heated grips (stock), Center stand (stock), PIAA 520 dual spots, Touratech knuckle busters, Kaoko throttle lock, Touratech rock guard for headlights, OEM GS Adventure engine guard, external fuel filter modification for ease of access, Kirby Speed Bleeders all around. Tires at approximately 40% of tread life, final drive fluids good for 5K+ more miles, Clymer Manual for service/maintenance instructions, Original Owner's Manual and Service book as well as service records go with bike. NO issues w/bike, mechanical or electrical that I am aware of at this time. I've replaced or repaired anything I've come across that was out of sorts. Start it up and ride off w/it.

These items included w/sale---R1150GS rear shock (replaced w/RTP 1150 shock to lower), RTP front shock (did not have to replace to lower), R1150 GS torque arm (replaced w/RTP 1150 to lower), Big Foot plate for side stand, Original plastic tool holder, Storm IM2600 case and metal bracket to mount on rear of bike, Stainless fluid plugs (haven't had to change all fluids yet), 2 ea oil filters, extra ignition switch and key, three blinker assemblies. Will not part out farkles/panniers on bike.

Prior owner records indicate: final drive/gearbox/engine fluids changed at 82K, (I changed engine oil at 85K w/Castrol 20/50 same as prior owner)--valves, rocker end play, upgraded cam tensioner at 75.5K, new rear brake pads and clutch fluids @ 83K.

Price is $4500.00 for a well farkeled dual sport touring bike w/lots of extras on bike, set up for touring RTW. Contact me for pics. Mine are too large to upload on this site.
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