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Bought these for another build and they turned out just a tad too long. $old for both plus shipping. WAY UNDER MSRP.....
New, never mounted but box opened on both. These are for jeep jk with 4" lift.
Here are some additional specs:
• Compressed length: 16.500
• Extended length: 26.750
• Travel length: 10.260
• Lower mount: LS39
• Upper Mount: S51

The Rancho RS7000MT Series Monotube Shock has been engineered to optimize both handling and stability for vehicles with 4” of lift. These shocks have a high gas charge that reduces body roll during aggressive and tight cornering. Because of the high gas charge, the shock’s internal oil and nitrogen separate to create an additional spring rate. This shock absorber also has an implemented hydraulic lockout to cushion the impact when the shock is fully extended.
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