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2 door trektop

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Does anyone have the Trektop for a 2 door? I have seen the post for the 4 doors. Is it louder? Does it really hold that much water on top? Just curious. I like the way it looks and would be interested in buying it...but not if it has those problems out of the box.
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Is it louder than what? Is is louder than a CJ or TJ soft top? No. Is is louder than a JK hard top? Slightly. You probably have this answered by now but these are fantastic tops. Mine went on Monday and today I rolled the top back and removed the rear window - again great.

I find it no louder on the road than any other soft top I've owned and quiter than many. The most noise comes from the header area. It's still not bad.
I have the four door version. It never collects water, anywhere. the new rear straps that pulll the top very tight, eliminates this problem. Mine does not leak anywhere either.
As for noise, yes, I can hear more wind noise from the front header than any other top I own. It is "louder" than my hard top, which is a given. Comparing it to my factory soft top is more realistic. The factory top still edges it out...but just barely. On very windy days, driving directly into the wind, it can be fairly "loud" but not annoying, much like the factory soft top. I'd rate the overall performance and likability of the Trektop an A-
Being able to remove the top(or re-install) quickly and easily is the best part. It also looks pretty darn cool!

You can read a full review of the top at off-road.com
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