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Well, not quite a write up but I thought I would post up about what I did for my 2 door ehaust...

Really very simple.

First of all, you have to relocate the Evap canister which is very easy. I used the Woods kit...

All you need for tools:
  • 5/8 deep Socket
  • Sawzall, Hacksaw or some way to cut 2.5" exhaust pipe
  • Marker
  • PB spray or other lubircating spray
  • Patience, Screwdrivers, pliers, .45 cal or hacksaw again, lol, to remove factory rubber hangers

The parts I ordered from Summit Racing
  • Magnaflow Oval Muffler
    [*]Part #11226, 2.5", offset in/Center out, Natural finish, 20" overall (14" canister), 4"x9", --> CLICK HERE
  • 2 x Walker Megaclamps
    [*]2.5", Lap Joint. (I only ended up using one of them though) --> CLICK HERE

Basically things didn't quite work out as I planned but in the end it came out pretty nice and I am really happy with the sound. It deffinetly sounds better but it was much quiter then I expected. The sound is NOT ricey at all which I was a little worried about.

1. First I just cut the exhaust right behind the crossmember that connects the top of the rails. The muffle canister has to sit just behind this or it will hit. If it is any farther back you will run out of room to bend the tailpipe up and over the axel. I threw on one of the clamps so I could draw a straight line as a guide for cutting.

2. The stock muffler is attached to the exhaust with a clamp that can be removed with a deep 5/8 socket. Remove this clamp.

3. The most difficult part was removing the stupid factory hangers. Spraying them with PB spray first makes a huge difference. The two on the drivers side came off real easy. The last one up on the muffler on the passenger side used up all my patience. :pissed: Since they are cheap and I didn't plan on using them again anyway I removed it with the good 'ole hacksaw :D: :beer:

4. Next I removed the stock heat shield. I considered using it in the new location but decided not to. If it ends up getting warm down there I will just pick up some of that stick on racing heat shield stuff which I think will be much cleaner

5. I installed the new muffler onto the front section of exhaust using one of the Megaclamps. The bolts are also 5/8

6. this next part is the part that didn't go as planned. :shaking: I wanted to just cut down the factory section that bends up over the axel and just use that. However, due to bends in the pipe and the evap canister clearence it was a no go. I think if I had a muffler with the same side offset exit it would work but with the center exit, it would have to be rotated too close to the canister to work.

So I made a trip down to the local exhaust shop. The shop I went to was Mighty Muffler. These guys where cool. I walked in, told them I just needed the tailpipe section bent up over the axel and that I wanted it to terminate before the rear so it wouldn't get crushed. It was $89 bucks and I was done in about 15 mins. If you are interested, they are on the corner of Colfax and Kipling in Lakewood (303-426-1404)

I am happy with the way it came out. deffinetly a whole lot quieter with the tailpipe then it was driving there with just the muffler. Heres some pix and some sound clips below them.


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Sound clips

here are a couple of sound clips. The sound quality is pretty sh!tty and there is background noise but it should still get the difference in sound across...

This first one is with the stock muffler...

This second one is after the Magnaflow install...

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