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2 radios for sale... both very nice!

1) Link to first radio- http://electronicwarriors.com/kenwood-kdchd942u-p-2997.html?zenid=cdf63f6a90f626ec433d36f76a69111d

Selling for $200. Paid $300 at the end of the summer. Was going to upgrade radio in jeep until jeep was broken into and now I need the funds. Was used for literally a day and a half, so wires are crimped but still BRAND NEW. My big loss, your gain.

2) Link -

Selling for $85. Used for about 6 months. Again, selling because I have these 2 laying around and I am trying to pay for my break in.

Located in Charlotte, NC. Please PM with questions or respond to this post. Thanks!
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