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Up for sale is a ready to drive 2 door 1964 Land Rover with a 109' 4 cylinder gas engine. This Land Rover is ideal for those that truly want the freedom to do anything and has served faithfully for 33 years under the same caring owner as a hunting and fishing bug out vehicle in the rugged outdoors of Alaska. Perfect for driving in both urban and rural environments the overdrive goes 65 on the highway and really helps in off-road hill climbing; it will go almost anywhere. Overdrive has 8 forward gears and 2 reverse, direct and over in all gears.

Able to seat five or have two sleep comfortably while maintaining room for all tools you need to thrive independently in any situation, most which come with the Rover including a Waren winch with an 8000 lb. pull, two gun racks, and much more as listed further on.

If privacy is a concern one must simply drive into a rural area and let the camouflage paint job do the work of maintaining a low profile. In addition the large camo net that comes with the vehicle provides additional shielding and versatility. Has been carefully maintained over the years and is easy to upkeep. There are plenty of extra spare parts to make the job even easier. Simplicity at its finest, there are no computers to deal with and two work shop manuals and parts manuals explain everything you need to know. You can even hand prime the fuel pump and hand crank the engine to make it start fast and smooth. Some of the other notable aspects or inclusions of the vehicle are:

1. 109' 4 Cylinder gas engine -- rebuilt and only has 2000 miles on it .04D over

2. Good frame with a brush bumper and rear riding-jack bumpers with hand holds.

3. Four tires in excellent condition with two spares four tire chains and two offset front rims so the tire chains don't hit the frame.

4. Winch controls stored under the center seat in a tool box.

5. Dual fuel tanks -- "Lockable" and 4 padlocks keyed the same.

6. Tank engine heater -- 110 volt plug in.

7. Defroster and wiper from a Sears III

8. Overhead radio rack with AM-FM and a C.B. radio.

9. Extra head lights, spot light and rear light

10. The seats are waterproof camouflage and the seat pads are removable to sit by the camp fire.

11. The rear area is carpeted from behind the seats to the tailgate, with commercial carpet.

12. The ceiling is insulated and has a head liner, with two overhead lights with switches.

13.There are side curtains and a cargo net on the right side to hold sleeping bags etc. Etc.

14. The rear window hinges up as a rain guard and you can cook on the tailgate from the inside or outside.

15. A single burner butane stove and a cook set. This is a complete survival system with all the equipment that you need to live in.

16. Field kit - 4 new spark plugs, new points, rotors, distributor cap, coil, fan belts, battery terminal cleaner, fuses and tools.

Things that need work:

1. The right rear body panel needs work

2. One cracked headlight

3. Spot light

4. Needs a NEW C.B radio and could use an AM FM CD player

5. New windows slides

Included Field Kit:

1. Handyman Jack, Shovel, Axe, Saw, and Machete

2. 16 FT Snatch Strap + Tree Strap

3. Spare Tire with chain on + Tire Tool

4. Two spare Offset rims

5. Sleeping bag w/pillow

6. Tire Chains X4

7. Hand crank

8. Snatch block

9. Camo Net + Camo tarp

10. Vehicle Repair Books

11. 4 Pad locks

12. 1 Short Chain + 1 Long Chain


You won't find a better all purpose vehicle. My asking price is $9,500.00 + shipping and handling. Feel free to call or email me at [email protected] / 1-907-244-2294 with any questions or to arrange purchase. The vehicle is located in Anchorage, Alaska. Thanks for viewing!
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