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Mod Three on my 2016 Jeep Willy - Replace stock reverse bulbs with 510 lumens Diode Dynamics XP80 LEDs.

I was extremely dissatisfied with the brightness of the stock reverse lights. So, I investigated some and decided on the Diode Dynamics XP80 LEDs.

These are the ones I ordered (make sure you pull down to the XP80 / 510 lumens model:

The LEDs were $90 for a pair. The replacement required removing four screws (two on each side), popping the old ones out, inserting the new ones, and replacing the housings. The whole thing literally took fewer than five minutes.

I took a before and after photo at twilight to demonstrate the change. Also, I used a DSLR camera set on manual mode (Canon 70D f/3.5, 1.6s, ISO 100, [email protected]) to make sure the camera isn't compensating (like a smartphone will). Except to lower the resolution and add text titles, the photos were not altered in any way.

You can deffo see a difference, but seeing them live was pretty epic. Big difference! I would absolutely recommend this mod.

Lights off:

Stock reverse light bulbs:

XP80 LEDs:

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