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Hi Everyone,

I know this may not be the place; but, I am a little on the desperate side. I just bought a 10,000 pound trailer (used) and it came with no spare tire.

I am hoping to leave for Moab on Wednesday, or possibly Thursday towing the JK on this trailer.

Evidently 8 bolt lug patterns on a 15" wheel are not in abundance. (I can't find any around Indy through traditional searches.) I hate to think about driving without a spare.

The tires on the trailer are ST225/75R15. Those tires on a 15" rim having 8 lugs on a 6-1/2 bolt pattern with 0 offset somewhere along I-70 between Indy and Moab would make my week.

Or, if anyone has suggestions about where I might look to find a wheel like this (new or used), I would appreciate the suggestion.


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