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09 X

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My name is Chris, I live in Southern Maryland. I picked up my 09 X lasts weekend and love it!

I am just checking things out and trying to figure out what mod I need first.
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Mods really should be done after you decide what you actually intend to do with the Jeep. IMO- Don't start spending like a drunken sailor. Research and ask for opinions. This site will help to give you a well rounded perspective on what may be worthwhile or what may not.

Welcome aboard Cap'n. :beer:
Welcome to the forum...
..........Don't start spending like a drunken sailor......
Welcome aboard Cap'n. :beer:
Welcome drunken sailor..........um I mean Captain:smokin:
Hello and Welcome....:bounce:
Thanks for the welcome! A few questions


The first thing I need to do is get a hitch put on her. I understand from reading the factory wiring harness is the way to go.

I have a small trailor we use to haul our dirt bikes that I need use to do the light hauling I did in the bed of the F150 I traded on the X. The trailer is a rig my dad made out of a Corvair axxel, some I beams and expanded steel in 1970. It doesn't weigh much and is really balanced well.

What hitch do you guys recommend?

I am really happy with the Jeep! the last brand new ride I bought was Commanche, a 1989, 20 years later this Jeep rocks!. She has the "s" accesory group, the 17" wheels are cool, plus fog lights, the power windows and locks and a few other things.

I need to figure out what to do for rock rails, I think it looks unfinished with nothing there. I'll keep looking til I fing the right ones!

I do have a couple of other questions...

I can't make the ESP kick in, I have read that some guys have had real trouble with the ESP and I don't really like the idea, mabye I am just not driving her hard enough yet. Tell me your ESP stories, can you make it kick in? How?

The other thing is about relocating the mirrors, want to take the doors off now and it's cold! What is the best way to relocate the mirrors? is there a way to do permenanly? aftermarkets? how do you guys do that? I keep looking and have not really seen any thing around here.

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Hey Chris...

Not sure on the hitch. I don't tow anything with my jeep, but if no one responds in this thread, you will likely get some responses by posting up a new specific thread on this topic.

Besides the unfinished look of the bare rockers, they are very vulnerable to damage off road. The curved body panels of the JK make them even more critical to protect and costly to repair. You could go to the modified jk section of this forum to get some ideas on what looks good and works well. You could also log onto Quadratec or 4WD Hardware to request a couple of catalogs.

Not sure what you mean by "kicking in" the ESP. Is the ESP/ BAS light coming on? If that's the case you need to get an alignment to fix the problem. Maybe explain that in more detail...and again, don't hesitate opening a new thread on this as well. There is some good info in several threads already, but offhand, I have no idea where...Maybe in "modified jk" or "general discussion".

The mirror relocation is available in several different kits/ companies. Some are said to stick out kind of far and I believe that some have been disappointed having to use the "plugs" to cover the existing holes in the doors after relocation. Again...Probably will get more input from the "modified" section or by starting a new thread on this as well.

Hope some of this helps. Don't hesitate to keep asking. We all have questions regarding mods and such, but maybe try to research a little more as well. Good luck.
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Welcome to the Forum :beer:
welcome to the site
I can't really offer any tips for the hitch or mirrors due to never taking my doors off and having a built in hitch with my bumper but welcome to the site.:beer:
Im also thinking about throwing a hitch on my jeep. I've looked at just a basic bolt on class 3 hitch which supposedly holds the towing capacity of a stock jeep. However, im sure jeeps can tow more!

check it out -

Go cheap on the hitch, Find a factory and get it, Mine worked great, I made sure I bought a rear bumper with built in hitch. Check local Jeep clubs in their for sale sections. Try Craigs list too
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