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08 viper throtle body on 3.8

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I was asked to share this. I put an 08 Dodge viper throttle body on my 2011 3.8 jku and she no longer sound like she is starving for air. the plug fits right in and no ck eng lights no need for remapping i have had it on there for about two years and like it. cold air intake and long tube headers with full flow exahust. I have had no issues with this rigg so far turns my 35s very easy. I am in the middle of regearing due a little sluggish with a small trailer.
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It doesnt do much. I had an Avenger supercharger and Borla long tube headers. Added the Viper throttle body and dynoed it. It was minimal gains below 3K rpm at best. Felt peppier but the dyno said otherwise.

Worst part is it would occasionally throw the red lightning bolt of death.
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