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'07 Rubicon front passenger axle leak

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Hello guys,
I have an '08 JKU with an '07 Rubi D44 up front. The axle is leaking on the passenger side. I am wondering what all I should do while I get into it? All seals, bearings and ball joints? Or just the leaking seal? Money is kind of tight, so I don't want to be frivolous. Just don't want to have to rip it all down again any time soon. My Jeep is an '08 JKU sport with 45k miles and the D44 is an '07 with 78k miles. What is a good resource for step by step directions? Chiltons or Hanes? Or are there any online resources. I have access to a full shop with pullers, hydraulic press etc. I'm sure that I could figure my way through it, but thought that with some direction, it may help with torque specs, etc. and to help make sure that I don't miss any steps. I tried a search of the forum but didn't come up with anything.
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Besides gears & lockers, everything else on the axle that could wear out is way easier to get to than these seals. So while it's up in the air inspect your ball joints & unit bearings (do the wheel shake - search for a good video of it). Check your brakes while you have it apart. But since money is tight, just do the seals & call it good. No press needed.
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