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06' TJ Unlimited

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Still can't believe that I sold this. Long wheel base/ 6" 9th deg long arm....Listing all the other mods would probably make me sick. I would have kept it, if I knew that over a year later, I would've still missed it so much).:bawling:


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I see this in an ooooold thread, but I just bought an 04 LJ yesterday for my soo and we are happier than sh!t.....:thefinger:

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I have a set of Gen 1(no step) Hanson Rock Sliders off of mine for sale if you're interested.


I'm in Corona so delivery would not be a problem.

Hey James,

Yes I've been looking and I'm interested! I'm leaving for the Off-Road Expo in a bit to look at some other parts that I want. I'll call you on Monday.

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