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  1. Electrical & Lighting Tech Dept.
    Regarding Jeep Wrangler JK, 2018 WIsh to install keyless ignition system that allows keyless start/stop. WHo has made this modification, which product did you use, and how much knowledge is required to complete the install?
  2. Modified JK Tech Dept.
    Hi. I am Ranggoo living in Korea I have a 2012 JK. I recently installed the Android Head Unit. However, the steering wheel remote control does not work. So I have a few questions (Please help me) 1. Do I need to connect key1 and key2 separately? 2. I don't know what the current Canbus...
  3. Electrical & Lighting Tech Dept.
    New here, I've seen someone modified his wrangler like this, i really like its stance, Do these wheel spacers seem to be 40mm thick? What marker lights are those? I'm looking to buy wheel spacers for mine. I'm looking to stay under $200 for. maybe 1.5" would be better.Any good...
  4. Florida
    Got busy this weekend and installed my new the JK grille inserts... Having the winch in the way didn't make it easy taking the front grille off, but with a little help from my better half got it done and I think it looks pretty good! Before... After...
  5. Electrical & Lighting Tech Dept.
    I finally finished installing my dual battery setup. After hours and hours of messing with it, I figured some pictures were in order. I didn't take near enough pictures but these should give you the general idea. I started with the new dual battery tray from Benchmark Designs and made a...
1-5 of 5 Results