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  1. Front bumper

    Modified JK Tech Dept.
    I’m installing a new front end SRC SMITTYBILT GEN 2 front end bumper and there are tab mounts for additional lighting but no hole to drop the wiring through. They give you zip ties to run the wires along the bumper. I plan in drilling holes and running the wire through the bumper. Anyone ever do...
  2. Newbie first-time wiring

    Electrical & Lighting Tech Dept.
    First off, Any and all help/opinions will be much appreciated and I thank you all in advance for your time and patience with me!!! Thanks to Phil D over at Trail duty, I can now begin the sickness that will empty my pockets and have my girlfriend mad at me for spending money on the Jeep instead...
  3. alarm issues

    Electrical & Lighting Tech Dept.
    I got an aftermarket alarm system installed a few months ago with proximity detection so that the alarm would go off when people reached in my jeep. I then found out that the alarm only arms if the doors are shut, making the system useless with my warrior tube doors. If possible, I'd like to...
  4. Footwell Lighting hooked to Dome Light

    Electrical & Lighting Tech Dept.
    I would really like to hook up footwell lighting that works with the dome light. I only want the footwell light to come on when I open the doors or turn the dome light on by turning the interior lighting that one click past all the way bright. I have tried to look up the wiring in an .ISO...
  5. looking for dash tips

    Stock JK Tech Dept.
    Just got the wife's new toy, Unlimited X 4 door. Gotta put all her toys back into it, starting with her Xm receiver. Trying to figure out how to tear into the dash on this one. Her last Wrangler and Liberty were easy. This one is getting the best of me. HELP?!?!