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  1. The Welcome Room
    Hey guys Brandon here but most people just call me Booth. I am down in Stafford Virginia and have an 08 Red Rock Unlimited. I have had it for coming up on 2yrs soon so she has grown up a bit with a TeraFlex 3" with BFG KM2 35"s. Bunch of other random stuff. Met some of the JKO guys up at...
  2. Florida
    Got busy this weekend and installed my new the JK grille inserts... Having the winch in the way didn't make it easy taking the front grille off, but with a little help from my better half got it done and I think it looks pretty good! Before... After...
  3. The Welcome Room
    I'm in South Kendall (Miami Dade County) and am a newbie to offroading in Florida and recently joined one of the local clubs and am currenly working on creating a JK Beast! So far this year I've added a 2-1/2" Skyjacker suspension lift and gas shocks, Rancho strearing stabalizer, 35" x 13.50...
1-4 of 7 Results