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  1. Florida
    can i ***** about the search function for a second? so i don't want to post a question that I KNOW has been asked before, i just want to find the goddam answer and be on my merry way and drop a couple grand on the jeep. what a piece of sh!t. it doesn't like my search term (too short). so i...
  2. Stock JK Tech Dept.
    Does anyone have a jk with 33 inch tires with no lift??? Thats what I want to put on mine but im afraid they will rub. Any pictures would be great if possible. Thanks!
  3. Stock JK Tech Dept.
    I am in the procces of buying new wheels and tires for my jeep. I do not have a lift but i was thinking of getting 285/70/r17 (having heard that they wont rub) with the pro comp 7005s. However i am torn between the BFG mud terrain km and the Goodyear wrangler mt/r... any body have any...
  4. Stock JK Tech Dept.
    I am thinking about putting new wheels on my 08 black 2 door. I am thinking about either the pro comp 7005s or the mamba 3s, but I cant decide which I like better. Any opinions? Thanks! Here are some pictures to help out.
1-4 of 11 Results