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  1. Florida
    Saturday evening, some jacked up members (so far 2 lol) are going to run out to the polk county dunes. We are meeting at 6 PM @ the Winn Dixie Parking lot at the intersection of Highway 27 and Dundee Road (in Dundee). Gonna wheel a while and watch the sun set from top of the tall dune out there...
  2. Chit Chat
    So there's only one rule to this thread: You must be drunk to post here and post how many drinks youv'e had when you do. EACH TIME. And, apaprently, drugs count. If youre doped up on pain pills cuz you got a bad back, welcome to the thread. AND YOU CANT USE THE BACKSPACE KEY. IF YOU TYPED...
  3. Florida
    if were gonan be here we might as well bring the best thing we had over there here anything and everything will go in this threas so hijack away il it was 10 30 and the barender was done washing and i bring some 22oz.ers :beer:and she goes uve got to be kidding me and i go what? u know me...
1-4 of 4 Results