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  1. JK General Discussion
    New here, hi folks! When I got my 2016 jku (stock) a few months back and went for an alignment they had to install a camber shim in the front driver side and all was good. Fast forward 2 months I decided to add 2.5” spring lift, 35x12.5x17 nitto trail grapplers, and front lower adjustable...
  2. Modified JK Tech Dept.
    Hey so I’ve had my jeep for a while and I have finally saved up some money to start doing what I want to it. Right now it sits on 33’s by 12.5 by 17. It was the stock Dina 30 front axle I’m pretty and maybe an 8.8 on the back. I want to put a 3.5 in lift on it along with 35 or 37 inch tires on...
  3. JK General Discussion
    Went out to do some testing of the AEV 4.5" suspension. Here is a teaser pic! That is all you get for now;) (I have 500 more pics;))
  4. Modified JK Tech Dept.
    Just like it says... I really want the softest ride on road I can get. I have a busted back and a squishy Cadillac style ride would be ideal. I am about to get a set of 35s and my JK is a 2 door. So what suspension system yields the softest ride? Oh yeah... a $3k long arm kit isnt in the...
1-4 of 5 Results