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  1. For Sale
    Forsale: 5 - stock JK Rubicon tires and wheels These are complete with sensors. They have just over 14k miles. Tread is just over 1/2" deep. All 5 have been rotated every 5k miles. Wheels have no rock rash! Asking $650. Probably too expensive to ship. Located in central Indiana...
  2. Stock JK Tech Dept.
    Does anyone have a jk with 33 inch tires with no lift??? Thats what I want to put on mine but im afraid they will rub. Any pictures would be great if possible. Thanks!
  3. The Welcome Room
    I just got a black 08 2 door and the first thing i wanta do is put new wheels and tires on it. However, according to my parents "You cant put a lift on it because it will roll easier" (when I leave for college the first thing ill do is put a lift on it)so I am wondering what is a good size of...