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  1. Vendor Spotlight! Great Deals for Members.
    It’s no great secret among stick-shift Jeep owners that the six-speed NSG370 manual fitted to the JK Wrangler and later TJ models is prone to some sloppiness. Sourced from Mercedes-Benz, the NSG370 transmission was the first six-speed stick ever offered in a Jeep, and while it’s a good, durable...
  2. Stock JK Tech Dept.
    So my new to me stock (except smaller wheels) 11 JK 70AE has a pretty darn significant shifter shake on the highway and offroad. I would expect it off road, but highway is a mystery. I think it has a bad shock in the rear that may be causing an oscillation on the highway. Offroad, it's a joke...
  3. Stock JK Tech Dept.
    Tried to search but didn't see anything Just bought a 2015 six speed with 50K, and it seems to me there's a lot of play in the shifter. Are these cable-connected? Might something be tightenable, or is something worn? Thanks in advance and belated Happy Thanksgiving.
1-3 of 3 Results