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  1. Chit Chat
    http://tampabaytimes.ussrv06.newsmemory.com/index.php are you kidding me? :laughing: i know its an email and i know when i write to friends and family i use my relaxed writing style, just like i type on the forums. now, if i were to write to a newspaper, i would definitely change my writing...
  2. Florida
    good stuff. travis barker had some insane ufo platform that he rocked out a crazy drum encore. you had to be there to believe it. side to side, tilting so we saw him playing from a birds eye view, and then while we were staring at the top of his set, the center of the platform starting...
  3. Chit Chat
    i dont even think posting it here would be allowed. i had the video sent to me on facebook. i had to do a little searching to find out if it was true or not. here is a quote from a dude that supposedly lived in the area. if you want to see the video, just copy the first paragraph of the...
  4. Electrical & Lighting Tech Dept.
    i was driving home and while at a light i saw my ac light blinking. i had the vent on but not the ac. i hit the button and it flashed a couple more times and then stopped. what up with that?
  5. Chit Chat
    in your backyard? YouTube - Giant Waterslide Jump :skull::eek::skull::eek::skull:
1-5 of 5 Results