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  1. Modified JK Tech Dept.
    Hey so I’ve had my jeep for a while and I have finally saved up some money to start doing what I want to it. Right now it sits on 33’s by 12.5 by 17. It was the stock Dina 30 front axle I’m pretty and maybe an 8.8 on the back. I want to put a 3.5 in lift on it along with 35 or 37 inch tires on...
  2. Chit Chat
    Hey guys I’m just looking for what are the best lift kit brands out there and ones to stay away from and basically what y’all would recommend
  3. Modified JK Tech Dept.
    Has anyone bought this lift and if so how did you like it and is it worth the money and any issues with it at all new to all this
  4. Modified JK Tech Dept.
    Hello All, I recently purchased my first 2015 Sahara JKU (and so it begins). I found a great deal on the Fabtech 3” Sport System Suspension Lift. Does anyone have a good or bad experience with this lift?
  5. For Sale
    Skyjacker 2.5" Lift w/ Nitro Shocks and Sway Bar Disconnects - SOLD - SOLD $250. New with Disconnects is > $600. - I'll ship for $25 adder. - This kit was advertised as 2.75" when I purchased it and that is exactly the increase in height I got out of it. Not sure why they have revised to...
  6. For Sale
    Reduced to $500 In the next couple of weeks I'll be pulling my 4" TeraFlex lift off my JK and selling it. Its a great lift with lots of flex and good overall ride. Only reason I'm selling is because I have a long arm coil over kit coming. If you live in the Dallas or Austin areas you can drive...
1-6 of 6 Results