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  1. RockKrawler 3.5" Suspension long term review.

    Write Up Dept. (The Library)
    ROCKKRAWLER JK 3.5” X Factor Mid Arm Suspension System A little background! My JK is my 11th Jeep. I have over 20 years and over 1 million miles of Jeep ownership under my belt. I have also coached performance driving since 1992 and competed in many forms of motorsports, basically I am a...
  2. Got my AEV Procal today, couple of pics.

    Write Up Dept. (The Library)
    Modifying 4x4s is sure getting easier. (Wouldn't this look cooler on an AEV hood?) In the old days we had to do walk up hill both ways to modify a Jeep. Today it is simply a few clicks of the computer and it is done. This whole process took 2 mins. Changed to 35" tires so my speedo is...