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  1. JK General Discussion
    [SOLVED] my latest post, #11, has the resolution in it. Hey guys I could use some help. I apologize for the longish post. -------Background info------- I have a 2018 JKU Rubicon. Slight mods, I have 35" tires and the Old Man Emu 2" heavy lift kit (there's others but those are the relevant...
  2. Axle Tech
    Okay, So I am mid gear swap on my front axle. Got my pinion depth prefected, ready to put the pinon in for the last time. Whip out the new seal and it is not even in the ball park of the right size. This is the new pinion seal shrink wrapped in the Yukon Gear install kit!!:pissed: The...
1-2 of 2 Results