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  1. The Welcome Room
    Hey guys Brandon here but most people just call me Booth. I am down in Stafford Virginia and have an 08 Red Rock Unlimited. I have had it for coming up on 2yrs soon so she has grown up a bit with a TeraFlex 3" with BFG KM2 35"s. Bunch of other random stuff. Met some of the JKO guys up at...
  2. Chit Chat
    I keep posting videos in the drunken thread... Might as well make it a lil more inclusive. What would barak do? Listening to this right now: YouTube - Neil Young - Harvest Moon (2000)
  3. Chit Chat
    I found this mod on a local jeep club site, it pertains to full size jeeps, but might could be adapted to the JK. http://www.ifsja.org/forums/vb/showthread.php?t=102133 http://www.ifsja.org/forums/vb/showthread.php?t=102133 Check it out, it might need to be relocated to the Scrapbook...
  4. Chit Chat
    Well......I figure we got a peeing thread, why not a pooping thread. Any "good" stories? This is mine from a dirtbike race(hare scramble) last year. Hot as hell. only pot-o-potties... Originally Posted by Gweedo Pete - Tell the story about the little girl who wanted to come into the...
  5. Chit Chat
    Ok. I own a home. Or at least I pay on a home that I will own. But I pee outside quite often. I dont get the need to use the water to flush and it just feels right. So, I'm outside tonite, facing west. I'm watching a half moon set to the southwest with either jupiter or saturn following her...
  6. Chit Chat
    Knew you would click that thread! So I figure I am safe to ask this question here. The hubby and I have always watched one together every once in awhile. And shut up all you 20 somethings about old people screwing. I know that men like them and most women tolerate them but we watched one...
  7. Florida
    Anyone else ready for Fall? I'm done w/ summer. Bring on some bone chilling 80º weather!
  8. Florida
    can i ***** about the search function for a second? so i don't want to post a question that I KNOW has been asked before, i just want to find the goddam answer and be on my merry way and drop a couple grand on the jeep. what a piece of sh!t. it doesn't like my search term (too short). so i...
  9. Chit Chat
    So there's only one rule to this thread: You must be drunk to post here and post how many drinks youv'e had when you do. EACH TIME. And, apaprently, drugs count. If youre doped up on pain pills cuz you got a bad back, welcome to the thread. AND YOU CANT USE THE BACKSPACE KEY. IF YOU TYPED...
  10. Florida
    if were gonan be here we might as well bring the best thing we had over there here anything and everything will go in this threas so hijack away il it was 10 30 and the barender was done washing and i bring some 22oz.ers :beer:and she goes uve got to be kidding me and i go what? u know me...
  11. Chit Chat
    how about we not fawk this one up. no lips, no nips. no underage girls. ugly girls with big chest thingers are still ugly. if you have to ask, it probably a "no-go." you can get real porn somewhere else. this isn't the place for it. thanks, ahead of time, for not fawking it up for everyone!
1-12 of 12 Results