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  1. Northwest
    Hey y'all! We think it's finally time to make some mods to our stock 2013 JKU Rubi and start overlanding. We're going with a 3" Teraflex lift and 35's; adding a Gobi rack and an iKamper tent. We'd love to find a set of "experienced" AEV bumpers instead of buying new. Plus, have always loved...
  2. JK General Discussion
    Went out to do some testing of the AEV 4.5" suspension. Here is a teaser pic! That is all you get for now;) (I have 500 more pics;))
  3. JK General Discussion
    Had a chance to see this in person in Moab. It is actually pretty impressive. The rear tube completely surrounds the end tanks. (which are EXTREMELY durable, they will support my weight (235lbs)). The tube actaully bolts to the frame on one side and the bumper on the other. It would be VERY...
  4. Write Up Dept. (The Library)
    Modifying 4x4s is sure getting easier. (Wouldn't this look cooler on an AEV hood?) In the old days we had to do walk up hill both ways to modify a Jeep. Today it is simply a few clicks of the computer and it is done. This whole process took 2 mins. Changed to 35" tires so my speedo is...
1-4 of 4 Results