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4 door
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  1. For Sale - Jeeps (any model)
    Things change. This jeep has been a great rig but time for a change. I have done all the work so I know it well. And it works. Video TFL did for me a while back - Hood $1,000.00 Dana Ultimate 60 Front axle $6,950.00 Dana Ultimate 60 Rear axle $4,250.00 driveshafts $1,300.00 Steering...
  2. The Welcome Room
    I'm in South Kendall (Miami Dade County) and am a newbie to offroading in Florida and recently joined one of the local clubs and am currenly working on creating a JK Beast! So far this year I've added a 2-1/2" Skyjacker suspension lift and gas shocks, Rancho strearing stabalizer, 35" x 13.50...
1-2 of 2 Results