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Mango Tango
In Nov. of last year, I was holding my month old baby on a saturday morning. My good buddy called me up at 8 and asked me what my plans were. He subtly said "Wanna buy a Jeep?" (kind of like you would say--Wanna go get a Slurpee?) I chucked and he told me of an estate sale nearby that had two Jeeps available. Both 2011's, one two door, one four door, and both with about 30k miles. He knows I love orange, and since he wanted the 4 door, the 2 door would be perfect for me. He had called up the estate sale and they were selling the two jeeps for about 5k under rough trade in. I walked over to my wife, and announced to her that I might come back with a Jeep and walked out the door.
An hour later we were standing outside a residence. There was a fence, and a line of about 50 men all gawking at the jeep lined up to get into the estate sale. After contemplation, we both decided we would just walk up and rip the tags off the Jeep. Kind of a ballsy move, but after all, what really could be wrong with them?
When the hour struck, the fence opened and there was a mad rush toward the vehicles. I quickly made my way around the two door to make sure there wasn't any body damage. There were two men cracking open the hood and a few people at each door or both Jeeps. I made my way toward the tag and a man had it in his hand. My stomach dropped. He was looking at the price and another said to him "If you rip that off you have to buy it-estate rules." He dropped the tag and I quickly ripped it off the window. They both looked at me like I was crazy. The questioned me if I was going to buy it. Though I was jumping around like a fat kid in a candy store, I grinned and calmly stated "Yep, it's a good deal." I looked over to the other Jeep to find my friend. He wasn't there. I looked over to the cashier, and he was standing with tag in hand.
Both had extended warranties, both were in prime condition, and the only issue was the dog hair that was inside.
Come to find out it was a male couple passed away within a year of each other. No judgement, it's Cali.. But the gentleman that passed away that drove mine around was a florist. Hence the name Flora.
Lastly, I've let my buddy know that if they ever fooled around in the Jeeps, it was in his.. Afterall, he did have the four door :)
2011 Jeep Wrangler (Mango Tango)


Opar Grab Bars
Jeep Rubicon Rock Rails
Antenna X 13" Antenna
Evo 2" Plush Springs
1.75 Rear Synergy Spacers
Wheel and Tire
Level 8 Bully Wheels
315/70/17 KO2s



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