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Daystar Ipod Dock

I for one am a stickler for neatness and keeping my car tidy and professional looking. I don't like the look of a long 3.5" cable running from the auxiliary port of my head unit all the way to my ipod which just sits in a cup holder. It looks trashy to me! So after some thought I came up with this. I bought a daystar dash panel recently and this idea came to mind. What if there was an ipod connector coming straight out of the daystar panel which I could just set my ipod on? Thus, the daystar ipod dock was born. This is my first write-up by the way, so bear with me! Here we go.

The supplies:
First off, I used an ipod dock specifically made by apple. This is the link to the exact product:

I also used a daystar panel

Alright. Let's get this thing going. So first of all, once you have both of these (you can order both online) flip the ipod dock over and use a flat-head screw driver to pry off a corner of the rubber bottom side. Just peel this off.

after peeling it off, use the screwdriver to pry the sides away and push the inside piece out towards you. There are small tabs holding it in.

flip it back over right-side-up and lift off the top plastic piece. It should come easily if you freed up all the tabs in the previous step.

next you will see five screws. Unscrew all of them.

You can now lift off this metal piece. I found that it is easier to lift one side first, then the other.

Now slide this little plastic piece off that sits on the actual connector.

Alright, now we want to remove the board itself from the base. This is held on with little melted plastic tabs. Use a pair of small wire crimpers to remove these. BE CAREFUL!!! Watch out for the tiny electrical components on the board while doing this! If you accidently happen to knock one of them off, the entire thing is useless! So use caution.

Once you have all of these removed, you can remove the board from the base. Be gentle with this! The board is kind of flimsy and will break if you force it!

Now I measured the actual connector, it ended up being 21 millimeters. The daystar panel's little holding slot happens to be 210 millimeters. 210 - 21 = 189. 189 / 2 = 94.5 So this basically means.. if you want this to be in the very center of the daystar dash panel, measure in 94.5 millimeters from each side and put a mark here. These mark the sides of the connector. (refer to pic)

After you mark the sides, use a craft knife (an exacto knife) and carefully score the path you will cut. Begin to cut slowly. (Be careful!)

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Now make sure the panel is flipped upside down and you will see this little wall of plastic. You will want to cut this off. (look at pic)

Here's one of the harder parts. Slide your dock in to see if it will fit. At first I wanted it to be nice and snug but I found out that if it's tight, the board won't slide in enough and there won't be enough of the connector sticking out to actually go inside the ipod. You will have to cut the slot a bit bigger. Not quite 2x the original size but almost. Also, when you slide this in, the back wall of the panel will be in the way. mark where the connectors contact the back wall and then cut holes for them to fit into. Don't make it complicated here.

You also might want to shave off a little bit of this corner. Not so much that you accidently cut all the way through though!

Now on the board, in the very front, there is an ir receiver. This is for receiver the signal from the remote that comes with the dock. It looks like two little black eye kind of things. Carefully bend this back and forth until the metal connectors break off. This is okay to get rid of. It gets in the way.

Alright this next part is optional. I decided to use the screws that came from the dock to fasten the board to the panel. I used wire cutters and cut down the screws a little bit (so they wouldn't stick all the way through the panel) and then I carefully twisted around an exacto knife inside the small holes on the board to make them big enough for the screws.

Now, once you have made sure that the slot for the connector is big enough (test this by connecting an iphone or ipod to the connector. If the ipod recognizes the connector, than it is sticking through enough.) Once you are POSITIVE of this, put some hot glue on the top sides of the board and insert it in the slot. Screw in the screws if you decided to use them. Make sure the back connectors fit in their holes too. Hot glue these down. The board will probably be bent a tiny bit

I then hot glued some small foam pads I found so that the ipod didn't rattle against the panel.

Now cut two small notches below the connectors in the back for wires to pass through.

Now take off the stock dash panel (pops off from the back)

Remove the top two bolts securing the dash.

Next twist and remove the air vents.
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Now remove the bottom two bolts securing the dash after pulling out the net below it.

Now remove the four bolts securing the head unit into the dash.

Alright so this part is strange. In another project, I tapped in to the 12V cigarette lighter power supply and then wired on another cigarette lighter port behind the dash - simply pulling power from another one. I plugged in a usb charger into this. It can charge two things at once, so I routed wires to my gps up through the dash and left one of the usb ports with nothing plugged in. For this project, I plugged my ipod cable into this for the power source. But if you do not have this, you can simply run the cable out of your dash (from the side or something) and plug it into the normal cigarette lighter. Here is a picture of the in-dash plug I installed earlier.

Once you have the ipod cable plugged in, pull out the head unit and set it on top of your dash. There is no need to unplug the wire harnesses that go into it.

Alright, now there is this hole that a wire harness comes through to connect to the compass sensor box (the box that actually mounts to the bottom of your daystar dash panel) Feed your auxiliary cable (It only needs to be about two or three feet. I'd say three to be on the safe side.) Once you feed it through this hole, it will end up behind where the head unit usually sits.

Now pull the wire and feed it behind a little metal pilar on the right. Then pull it back through. I do this because if you don't, the head unit would crush the cable.

Now feed the ipod cable up through this panel.

Next, feed it behind the little pilar on the left side. Just like the one on the right.

Now pull the ipod cable up through the hole I described earlier with the auxiliary cable.

Now slide the head unit back in and fasten the four bolts holding it in.

Now start to put the panel back on over all of this. but make sure the auxiliary cable is run on the outside of this panel! Not right next to the head unit. Look at the picture for reference.

Now connect the auxiliary cable to the front of the head unit and press the front panel all the way on. (There is also a write up on this site of how to re-locate the auxiliary port to the back of the head unit if you don't want it to be seen.)

Fasten the four bolts holding the dash on.

Re-insert the air vents.
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Replace the net on the bottom of the dash.

Now, plug in the harness into the compass sensor box that is mounted on the bottom of your daystar panel.

Plug in the auxiliary cable and the ipod power cable into the ports in the back of the daystar panel.

Put on the daystar panel. (Hint: you have to angle it very awkwardly to insert the front first. The back snaps in second.)

Before snapping the back on, make sure the wires are in the grooves you cut for them earlier. Then press it down all the way.

Now you're finally done! Here it is. I have my ipod plugged into it. It stays on there pretty well and you can't see any more wires!! Plus it charges my ipod as I play it!

Here it is without anything on it.

Here's what it looks like from an outside view

Hope you like this write up! Sorry, it's my first one ever. I'm brand new to these forums so thought I'd start things out right with a new write-up! I'm Cole by the way. Here's my rig:

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I beat you to it bud but I placed the entire dock (painted black) and angled at the driver in the front area of the daystar dash. It's ok and served its purpose but falls out and will go flying as the jeep is a bit bumpy. I now upgraded to the Sony with the slide out iPod dock.

Good pics tho
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Very nice write up sir!


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excellent. the only thing i would suggest, is avoid hot glue. i've used it twice inside a vehicle. the summer heat in remelts it. i used epoxy for my other bonding needs.

good writeup.

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