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2011 Stock JK Speaker Removal and Upgrade

So I picked these up for my wife on Amazon for like 130 bucks. She has a 2011 really base model JK and the speakers suck! They crackle at like 15 on the volume. With the top off, you can barely hear the radio, so I figured I would try this before I go all out with amps and subs etc.

Now for the Install:

First step to any productive Saturday.

Second Step to any productive Saturday. I opted for the Anheuser-Busch Blue model. Born on Date of August 13th. As much as I like Red, it was only 9am and I knew it was going to be a long day.

We take our cooler packing in Pensacola Very Seriously!

Get out the tools you may or may not need. I only used the socket wrench for two of the bolts on the dash. For all the others, I used that T wrench thing. 7mm Socket is all you need for the dash. The sound bar speaker have a stupid little star screw in them. And, Yes, I will out drink all you bitches!

I started with the sound bar. That was the easiest! A four year old could do it, but just in case someone needs help, I will talk you through it.

Unscrew speaker with star bit looking thing and pull the plug out. Repeat on the other side.

Stock speaker on the left, new Alpine coax on the right. I don't have to tell you the difference in magnet size. The stock speakers are a joke.

I chose the Alpine's for a couple of different reasons. One, my audio knowledge is pretty much from the late 80's through mid 90's and alpine was the shit back then and seem to still be. Second, these speakers are designed to replace stock speakers on many different models of vehicles. They have an adapter that screws on to the speaker and fit the Jeep 3 screw pattern perfectly.

Pretty much use the 4 screws supplied with the speakers and bolt up the adapter to the speaker.

Clip the factory connector thing off the speaker wire and I attached the wire provided with the speakers using some of those little red connector things.

Connect the speaker to the wire, grab the factory speaker grill and screw that bitch back up! I used the screws that came with the speakers and ditched the factory star screws. I hate those dam things and the bits for the always strip in no time.

Ok! Time to make sure they work. Turn on the stereo, Yep! They work. Sound pretty damn good too. Damn that was easy! I didn't even finish my first beer before that was done! Now I am going to take a break and finish my Blue Delight!

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Now on to the good stuff! I read a few write ups on how to get the dash off. One was to replace the head unit, one was heated seats I think. Anyway. Both of them said to be really careful removing the dash so you don't break the little clip things. So I go in there gentle hands.

I decided I would start with the driver's side. First take off the panel under the steering column. Not that hard. Just a slight tug and it comes right off.

Once you get that off, there are four 7mm bolts (black in color. don't mess with those silver ones), undo them.

OK, I am going to steal some pictures for the next couple of steps. I don't have power windows, so there is a little cubby thing. Remove that because the is a bolt behind there.

There is also one on top in the storage area thing above the stereo

Now gently pop off the pieces of the dash. The come out with a slight tug. The heating and A/C control piece just pops off. Pull it out from the top side of it, also remove the side panel of the dash to get access to the speaker.

So great! As you can see, the head unit would be really easy to replace for this point! But that does me no good because I am keeping the factory head unit.

I sit back and stare at what the fuck I am getting into because all this stuff I took off really did not get me any closer to getting to the speaker. But I did find out that once you get to this point, there are like 100 more of those 7mm black bolts that need to be removed if you want to get the dash off because it is all one big piece at this point. I kind of sat back and drank my "Oh Shit! What have I got myself into" Beer.

Gain my composure and start take more little black 7mm bolts off when the wife comes to check on the progress of her Jeep, she sees me removing her Speedo cluster and that's when she gets mad! The issue was, I had loosened up enough of the dash to almost be able to get to the crews in the speaker but I didn't want to put too much pressure on the dash because of the write ups I read saying to be very careful.

Well, she really didn't get mad, but she knows I am a retard and I would probably not be able to put this thing back together. She suggests that I call someone to put this shit in. So I oblige. I mean, it is her Jeep. Brand damn new at that. I sure don't want to hear "Ever since you did this.........................." bitching rant for the next 5 years of payments on this thing.

Call Best Buy Geek Squad, they can do it at 5pm for 70 bucks for the speakers and 70 bucks for the tweeters for a total of 140 bucks. I said No Thank You.

Call the local place, Kens Car Audio! 40 Bucks and we can do it right now and it will only take about an hour! Wife says I should do that! I say OK, I will be up shortly. So I hop in the pool, change, and the wife and I drive up there, and guess what! Now it's a 3 hour wait. I am fucking pissed! What a bunch of assholes. Why the fuck are you going to tell me "We can do it right now and will only take an hour" if you know damn fucking well you can do it till five or six, or maybe not at all. Assholes! Fucking Shitheads! Never ever again will I go there. If I knew that was the case, I would be home drinking trying to figure this shit out!

SO I told the wife! We are going HOME! I said I will figure this shit out myself. I Wasted 2 hours of my Saturday driving to Fucking Kens Car Audio.

I get home and begin to tinker some more. Well I begin to tinker after a well deserved Beer, of course, and guess what I found! A silly little ninja bolt under the dash right by where the strap holds your door from swinging away to give you the door ding tattoo. This allowed me to pull the dash far enough back to be able to get this ratchet thing (I picked it up at Pep Boys on Friday because it was on clearance. If I didn't have it I would be really fucked) with a philips head drill bit. Now we are in action!

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Now just get to the three screws and undo them and repeat the wiring steps above, screw new speaker in and done! I had to pull and put some pressure on the dash, and it's pretty pliable, but if it was colder out, I would get into a heat garage or find another way. It was like 95 degrees out so the plastic dash was pretty flexible. It might break or crack if it was cold.

The tweeter I did not take any pics of because it was easier than the sound bar. Just get a putty knife and pop out the tweeter and wire it up just like the sound bar. I did call Dr.Dirty for a quick answer to a question I had about them. The Alpine speakers came with wiring to wire the tweeter to the 6.5 speaker. I was thinking I should just plug to the existing wiring and not hook it up to the other speaker. Scott said just use the factory wiring and I did, and they work just fine.

OK, on to the passenger side. I was pretty pissed off still from Fucking Kens Car Audio incident, so I neglected to take pics, but I can steal some from here.

Ok, pop out the glove box. It's real simple. Just open it, and squeeze the two side in a little and it pops right out. Then pop out the side dash piece. I only undid three of the 7mm bolts on this side. One right but the door limit strap and two right under the glove box. Did the same as I did with the driver's side. Pull back the dash a little and used the ratchet with a Philips head bit to undo and disconnect the speaker. Hook the speaker up, and replace.

Put the dash back together, and I am done! Didn't break anything! Also, I did not have any extra 7mm bolts laying around so I either lost a few, or got the dash back together without missing a single one!

There was one casualty. The I'll Out Drink All You Bitches Koosie took too much abuse during the day. It was ripped right down the stitching. Cheap ass koosie! How the fuck do you put "I'll Out Drink All You Bitches" on a koosie, and the koosie can't last one drinking session without breaking, but it was made in the USA.

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James! I'm sooooooo proud of you!!!! I was trying to think of nice things to say once you told me you did a write-up. Nice work!!!

Buy more beer next time so you don't run out!


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Great stuff. Definitely a mod for me down the road.
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well how does it sound now? Was it worth it??


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