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Modified JK Tech Dept.

  1. I think I just bought a Jeep Wrangler JL Hood? What's your thoughts on this one guys?
  2. 2-Door ORI's, 3-Links, and a Tummy Tuck Build
  3. Rugged ridge snorkel
  4. Rancho tire carrier
  5. Key won't come out :-(
  6. EGR Delete?
  7. e-disco relocation/sway-bar skid/recessed winch bumper
  8. New axle up front = can of worms! Questions on the meaning of life...
  9. Sprintex SC intercooler upgrade? Did you purchase or remove the SC?
  10. Superchips Trail Dash
  11. MoTech: Project Earthquake - Terremoto 2
  12. Raptor liner results
  13. Warn 9.5xp redo
  14. Debating what to do for Jeep JK
  15. Transfer case clocking up
  16. adjustable track bars, and trackbar relocation brackets
  17. 2016 Jeep JKU Rubicon Built By Rebel Off Road
  18. Gears for JK with 40īs and Hemi engine
  19. Whats wrong with tweaks engine?
  20. Shop tells me steering box shifted - death wobble from minor pothole - opinions?
  21. Supercharger - Gears or TCM to Fix AT Behavior?
  22. Steering Problems
  23. Upgrade non Rubicon rear shafts
  24. Engine Rumbling Noise after Wheeling
  25. Hydro Causing Drift to Left
  26. Jeep JKU Weight - After Axle/Tire Mods
  27. LS Accessory Drive
  28. Only Two Weeks Left to Save on Dynatrac JK44 Rear Axleshaft Bundle!
  29. Opposing panhard bars
  30. Trans cooler lines
  31. Need help identifing a chromoly shaft
  32. Iron Man JK just had new Teraflex Super 60s installed.
  33. GenRight Fusion bumper and TF tire carrier
  34. Post BJ...install Q
  35. ......Get your GEN5 Motor Runnin
  36. Synergy Rear Shock Mounts
  37. Can you make a lifted JKU ride better then stock - My First JK Build
  38. Odd Brake Question - Spongy
  39. Complete dash removal
  40. The "F*** it Bucket" build
  41. What gears ?
  42. Hemi headers, who's using what?
  43. exhaust spacers - rattling on transfer case skid mount
  44. idiot alert - 2.5 inch rear bumper lights - halp!
  45. Cracked Transfer Case
  46. Tie Rod rotating with Hydro Assist. Is this normal?
  47. How to adjust rear suspension/trailing arms?
  48. Steering
  49. Want to lift '16 JKU without voiding the warranty
  50. 6l80E 2WD to 4WD Conversion
  51. FS:2016 Jeep Unlimited Rubicon, 571 Miles, Ultimate Dana 60's, 40" Tires, Coilovers.
  52. Ideas for a Build
  53. teraflex BB front with Baer ss4 rear?
  54. Lund Latitude Nerf Bars
  55. Anybody running Shrockworks rock sliders with 40'' tires ?
  56. Jk cab
  57. those that have/currently run RCVs in D30/D44 housing...
  58. Aftermarket fuel pump for v8 swap....
  59. anyone running a magnuson SC w/ volant cold intake on a pentastar?
  60. Flashpaq and shifting an auto
  61. Project: Right the First Time
  62. Need front frame horns
  63. HOW IN THE????
  64. Best spray on sound Deadener
  65. help pls - synergy rear upper control arms
  66. Stock Gear Ratio to 5.38
  67. Drivetrain Whining Noise
  68. Is this a viable, temporary reenforcement for OEM "SportsBar"?
  69. General info on stretching help
  70. Truss and or mounts for 79 Ford Dana 60 swap in JK
  71. Power Steering Fades At Higher RPM
  72. Sprintex Supercharger vs Prodigy Turbo
  73. Bad Joints and Heims - RK
  74. Going through draglink TRE too fast
  75. Frt Locker Comes On By Itself When Turning
  76. UD60's with 37's and stock flares?
  77. Just finished the Rubicon Trail
  78. RIPP 3.6 supercharger transmission temperature
  79. EVO Mini Liners
  80. Ordered new 2017 Wrangler, need some advice on mods
  81. steering clearance with 40's?
  82. How to recalibrate - need help
  83. Need some help with upcoming modifications
  84. What would you do with $6k? (Fr. Axle)
  85. The wrecked wrangler build
  86. Jeep with 35" tires sways all over the road
  87. Poly Motor Mounts?
  88. antirock front and what in the rear?
  89. Comp cut on a 2 door...
  90. Considering lowering the rear pinion angle...
  91. Rear seat Bracket Removals
  92. Link Geometry with Long-arm "kits"
  93. UD60 dimensions
  94. What is max runout on rear axle flange?
  95. Track bars hitting diff covers
  96. RpmExtreme 12+ LS conversion discussion
  97. 2015 JKUR outfitted with RIPP SC Issues
  98. Build help, tons, ORIs, shocks/coils...?
  99. Correction wedges and spring bend?
  100. Scary to drive
  101. Any Advantage of ORO's Steering Stabilizer Relo?
  102. OST JK TCM's are in Stock and Ready to Ship!
  103. Bent rear axle?
  104. The latest WTF moment
  105. ARB onboard air question
  106. Transmission cooler mounting question with LS
  107. Problems locating UD60 E-Brake cables - mfg back ordered
  108. Rebuild Elka Shocks
  109. Lift it or Not?
  110. Rear upper control arm mount fail
  111. Nitro Chromalloy Shafts with new C Clips
  112. Can knuckle C-gussets be welded in without removing the axle housing?
  113. Running 37's what do I need?
  114. Artec Industries HD Lower Control Arm Brackets, Install
  115. 16' JKU with RR XHD Snorkel, Can i install RIPP Supercharger?
  116. Average price for 1 tons?
  117. West Texas Offroad Ram Assist install questions
  118. Motobilt Tech Thursday's
  119. OST Custom Flashed TCM Shipping Delays
  120. Lift Kit & Wheels questions
  121. ?Experience with Sterling Axles?
  122. Want to buy a ProRock 44 with OEM e-lockers - can someone talk me out of this?
  123. RockHard 4x4 skids.... Quick write up.
  124. Lunchbox Locker up front...
  125. Aeries fenders
  126. Newbie with setup questions
  127. Bolt-in 1 ton Options
  128. Tires and gears and speedo
  129. Welds on a UD60
  130. AAM 11.5 14 Bolt into JKU
  131. Bilstein 7100 Install.
  132. 2016 Steering Column Shroud Removal
  133. Dimensions of rear Ud60 crate
  134. Dumb Q on Reid (and all high steer) knuckles
  135. 2014 Rubicon Newly Lifted with lower speed steering wobble, not death wobble
  136. 5.7 Hemi quarter mile.
  137. Rubicon transfer case exploded
  138. Teraflex speedbumps with shims or taller bumpstop pad?
  139. Spartan vs Aussie?
  140. TPMS Troubles, Any one experiance this
  142. Synergy track bar bushing upgrade questions
  143. Should I upgrade to a D44? Currently in shop.
  144. HELP Geared and Tires now Problems
  145. Traildash2 and tire size
  146. 15 Wrangler 2dr JK
  147. Rugged ridge snorkel and PS crusher flares
  148. Coilovers or not?
  149. Fusion 4x4 Ultimate 10 Axles
  150. Rusty's RX300 Shocks
  151. White Widow Built By Rebel Off Road
  152. 2012 JK - Is it safe to run 265 miles without front axles?
  153. Stranded in Bishop CA
  154. 5.3L MoTech Gen III/IV swap ?s
  155. Any Experiance with Clayton Off-Road Products?
  156. Looking for somebody that's has atlas on 2012 or newer
  157. Jeep tj gaz tank on JK.
  158. Dual Battery Setup, Spod, or both?
  159. Installing Artec Industries Rear Springs Perches
  160. Bumper and Fender Combination
  161. Convince me that 1300 for Fox shocks is worth it..
  162. Long arms
  163. opinions are like... (lift kit newb)
  164. Over heating problems
  165. General questions regarding modifications
  166. Measuring axle shift
  167. Best gear for dana 30 jk
  168. Real coilover talk for DD JKU
  169. 99 Super Duty Wheel Bearings
  170. Air shocks
  171. Aftermarket Seats & Roll & Tumble
  172. Sprintex Superchargers...why am I not seeing more posts/adoption?
  173. 2015 JKU Locker question
  174. Teraflex Hd hinge
  175. What TC did you use in your hemi swap?
  176. MonsterMike Build
  177. Transmission Coolers
  178. Modified soft top
  179. Radiator upgrade, LS Swap?
  180. Locking hubs on stock 44
  181. Bestop Supertop NX side panel doesn't fit to door
  182. Already have 2" AEV BB lift, Replacing with 3.5 RE superflex, Can I leave the Spacer?
  183. Inner fenders and coilovers
  184. JK Lift Shock Selection - Common Mistake
  185. Winch Time
  186. Synergy 3" Stage 3 Jku
  187. G2 Core 44 vs Ultimate Dana 44
  188. Camshaft/Crankshaft CEL limp mode
  189. PCM Flashing to Stock?
  190. My Experience with Evo Coilover/ Long arm installation
  191. No Door Mirrors - Looking for Recommendations
  192. Newb JK question
  193. DIY Sleeve kit
  194. 2.5" lift and stock trac bar?
  195. rear frame crossmember removal?
  196. Changing rear pinion yoke, crush sleeve torque?
  197. Synergy drag link flip drives terrible
  198. Aluminum 2 door corners
  199. Anyone running Superchips F5 Flashpaq 3876 for 2015/16?
  200. Armoring Up the JK with Brandless Bumpers
  201. Skid light intermittent
  202. JKS Replacement Track Bar Bushings
  203. Fully Notching Rear Frame
  204. Need some death wobble guidance
  205. ORI strut install, 16's
  206. KING SHOCKS JK Prototype Steering Stabilizer
  207. Lift kit for 2016 Unlimited
  208. Another what the hell is this noise thread. Videos from driver and underneath.
  209. AEV stubby bumper winch suggestions
  210. What rockers with Synergy Cage?
  211. V8 swap question: how is PCM "locked"?
  212. G2 CORE DRS Sway Bar System
  213. Stinger bumper
  214. Iron Eagle Built By Rebel Off Road
  215. Alternator or Power Steering Whine
  216. Master Cylinder bleeding first if using a pressure bleeder?
  217. Crossmember/exhaust skid plate
  218. Rock Krawler Pro Tie Rod Experience?
  219. GM LS Engine and Brake Vaccum
  220. JK programmer that will enable lockers in 4h
  221. RSE T Case Bracket and aftermarket skid plate
  222. 2013 with 1.75 and 285/75/17s... ordered parts but quick question
  223. Rear coilover mounts
  224. Adding 33s to Unlifted JKU
  225. Katacon Built By Rebel Off Road
  226. 72in wide axles too wide for 4dr DD?
  227. abs and traction light on
  228. Stumped Speedo is dead and Outside Temp Sensor not working
  229. Superduty D60 width problem?
  230. Repairing Freedom Panels
  231. Coilovers Through Engine Compartment
  232. Front full fenders/armor?
  233. Need help in selecting shocks/springs
  234. Front driveline vibrations
  235. LS JK's-which radiator and fan
  236. Bikini Top OVER roof rack
  237. Strange sound after centering the steering
  238. Power Steering Whine
  239. Minor Stretch on a 2dr JK (~1-2")
  240. 2010 Rubicon 3.8 Camshaft Swap????
  241. Boost Volume & Sound Quality
  242. Help! Artec 3-link install for front
  243. Hard rock bumper (rear) spacer
  244. Is there any short throw shifters?
  245. Who Manufactures This Visor/Light Bar?
  246. hydro steering assist & ARB Diff cover
  247. Teraflex CRD60 with currie 40 spline axle shaft
  249. o2 problems on 2011 Rubicon
  250. D30/44 Fluid Capcity with Solid Diff Covers