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Modified JK Tech Dept.

  1. 35 spline rear D44 upgraded?
  3. JK regearing to 4.56
  4. Can we discuss Rare Parts Ball Joints... again
  5. MoTech CAN technology
  6. Weld-on Ram mount to Alum Tie Rod?
  7. Bearing caps
  8. Axle seal?
  10. Clutch problems
  11. Phone mount solution
  12. Super duty dually adapters
  13. Drag Link and Tie Rod
  14. People who have had 37's and 40's
  15. Paging mr pig... Tech help required...
  16. Rear seat cover removal on JKU
  17. 'not guano like this
  18. Under body insulation
  19. Superduty 60 steering setup ?s
  20. W5A580 issues...
  21. Stripped torx bolt at base of windshield
  22. How to remove stripped Torx bolt?
  23. Stupid winch fairlead question
  24. '15 unlimited Handling
  25. Rear stretch, Long Arm 4 link, & my numbers as of now.
  26. Tire pressure question
  27. Christmas Build (Phase 1)
  28. Jeep shower heater (synergy version) questions
  29. JK Mopar D44 Crate Axle e_Locker connector
  30. Need Suggestion for New Lift!!
  31. Modified rear storage compartment?
  32. WV project Sh!t Box
  33. Advice for gearing...
  34. Can't decide which stinger Bumper
  35. Master Cylinder for Superduty Axles
  36. Seat Sliders and Corbeau Baja SS 08 JK
  37. I know I know !
  38. Figured out how to default OD off
  39. Fresh meat !
  40. Synergy DDB fit into RK control arms?
  41. The transfer case goes Knock, Knock, Knock
  42. Rear EVO Coilover install issue...
  43. 2008 JKU Wheel Speed Sensor Issues
  44. Upgrading to Rubicon 44's in my JK
  45. LS Engine block heater location
  46. Help I.D D60 and corp 14B
  47. UCF Trail Doors
  48. JK Ride quality upgrade
  49. Alloy USA JK Dana 44 Red Outer Axle Tube Seals
  50. MoTech LS JK Online Instructions
  51. full cage and speakers (audio)
  52. Alloy USA JK Dana 44 Red Outer Axle Tube Seals
  53. Clutch replacement questions
  54. Extreme LCG Build
  55. Skids for ls swapped engine and trans
  56. Tie Rods RK vs 2.5ton?
  57. Frame cut front winch bumper
  58. Lift advice for 2015 JKUR DD
  59. Swap ECU
  60. Edelbrock SC belt and pulley part number list
  61. RIPP SC Belt List
  62. Duramax Diesel JK! Pics Inside
  63. Anyone ever take off PSC fenders for something else?
  64. Gear change Dana 30 or swap in a Rubicon front?
  65. Speed Sensors Not working
  66. Where to buy built axles?
  67. My Stupid Friend ...
  68. Outboard Shock Fuel Fill Line
  69. Mirror relocation & upgrading head lights
  70. New Article from AccuTune Off-Road: How Fox DSC Adjusters Work
  71. Reid knuckles.
  72. Cork or Rubber Gasket
  73. grab handles
  74. Having a hard time deciding
  75. Evo No Limits sway bar mod
  76. Hydro steer with LS swap....
  77. New Arms----Synergy or MC
  78. Simple and Cheap Tailgate Tray
  79. JK Coils. Tech spec Question
  80. What's The Electrical Box on the Rear Crossmember?
  81. Front fuel tank fitting removal
  82. Brake bias
  83. Alright, lets "pump the brakes" here....
  84. No more Flexy Springs. What is next closest for extreme compressed and free lengths?
  85. Adrock's 2012 JKU Build - Dyna PR60s, 5.13s/ARBs, 37s, hydroassist, Supercharged
  86. How Long Have Your Ball Joints Lasted?
  87. Teraflex Full Float JK Axle Conversion
  88. Help locating a part
  89. Track bar bolt hole location
  90. Bumpsteer Fixes
  91. New coilover covered in oil out of the box
  92. Softer suspension ride?
  93. Swap Fuel Tanks
  94. 2dr body cutting
  95. Rubicon Express Control Arms
  96. Can I remove this?
  97. PSC SpyderShell Color Match
  98. Question on cages
  99. 2007 Auto Trans Issue?
  100. 2dr JK Mid Arms vs Long Arm
  101. Are these wheel spacers going to kill me?
  102. Air bag light and codes after LS swap
  103. Flat flare mounting. Just talkin' ...
  104. Tailgate eliminate question
  105. Introduction, damage, & repairs/mods completed.
  106. Another Vibe Thread after TeraFlex Lift
  107. My jk rides like crap
  108. Any one running dynomax 39522 on a 2 door
  109. JKO....LS....OWNERS....TUNE TECH
  110. Do 34s require c gussets?
  111. JKS Adjustable Spring Perches
  112. Options/opinions for steering on UD60
  113. Teraflex "performance rotor kit" and Hawk LTS pads review
  114. WA580 automatic workings
  115. MoTech LS JK Billet Brackets
  116. Relocating Rear lower Perches
  117. Front inner fenders with coilovers
  118. Body Lift Flat Belly Motor Mounts
  119. Hemi manifolds/headers
  120. Jku Half door build
  121. Drive shaft and pinion question
  122. Running a sealant around body armor
  123. How quickly will 3" backspacing kill my aftermarket ball joints?
  124. JKU on 42s
  125. cel - 2012 - regeared to 5.38 - procal - no reverse
  126. Standard to auto swap 2011 jk? Anyone managed this?
  127. JK 4BT Swap - Tach/Alternator Issues
  128. The utility of a snorkel
  129. Corbeau Baja SS or JP
  130. Front lower bump stops, are they needed?
  131. Rubi-8 build
  132. Power distro box tear down. (Fuse block)
  133. Newly Acquired : 15' JK 6in RC Lift Fox Shocks 40s - What to know?
  134. Brake booster for Teraflex master cylinder
  135. Before axle exhaust
  136. Rock Krawler Long Arm Exhaust Routing for 07-11
  137. talk to me about squeaks
  138. 2014 JKUR leaky injector
  139. Modified Jeep Steering and Suspension Problems
  140. What do you guys think about those track bar bolts with steering stabilizer studs?
  141. Paint or Powdercoat this armor?
  142. Cold weather battery
  143. Tire carrier for 40's?
  144. Leaky RIPP
  145. Problem with currie rock jock 60s and abs.
  146. Anybody with UD60 rear and Antirock?
  147. UD60 rear axle questions...
  148. Stock JKU suspension for JK lift?
  149. Has any received XD60's recently
  150. WHAT IS THIS THUD?????
  151. Supertop NX question
  152. 4L80-E VS. W5A580
  153. The CFO Built By Rebel Off Road
  154. Coyote powered jk
  155. Metalcloak Rocksport LT Shocks
  156. Metal Cloak rear drop brackets
  157. Aftermarket frame side TB mount
  158. 4:88 to low for short term?
  159. rubicon locker switch mod
  160. LS swaps with manual transmissions
  161. New(to me) rear bumper
  162. Front DS Failure Question
  163. I think I just bought a Jeep Wrangler JL Hood? What's your thoughts on this one guys?
  164. 2-Door ORI's, 3-Links, and a Tummy Tuck Build
  165. Rugged ridge snorkel
  166. Rancho tire carrier
  167. Key won't come out :-(
  168. EGR Delete?
  169. e-disco relocation/sway-bar skid/recessed winch bumper
  170. New axle up front = can of worms! Questions on the meaning of life...
  171. Sprintex SC intercooler upgrade? Did you purchase or remove the SC?
  172. Superchips Trail Dash
  173. MoTech: Project Earthquake - Terremoto 2
  174. Raptor liner results
  175. Warn 9.5xp redo
  176. Debating what to do for Jeep JK
  177. Transfer case clocking up
  178. adjustable track bars, and trackbar relocation brackets
  179. 2016 Jeep JKU Rubicon Built By Rebel Off Road
  180. Gears for JK with 40īs and Hemi engine
  181. Whats wrong with tweaks engine?
  182. Shop tells me steering box shifted - death wobble from minor pothole - opinions?
  183. Supercharger - Gears or TCM to Fix AT Behavior?
  184. Steering Problems
  185. Upgrade non Rubicon rear shafts
  186. Engine Rumbling Noise after Wheeling
  187. Hydro Causing Drift to Left
  188. Jeep JKU Weight - After Axle/Tire Mods
  189. LS Accessory Drive
  190. Only Two Weeks Left to Save on Dynatrac JK44 Rear Axleshaft Bundle!
  191. Opposing panhard bars
  192. Trans cooler lines
  193. Need help identifing a chromoly shaft
  194. Iron Man JK just had new Teraflex Super 60s installed.
  195. GenRight Fusion bumper and TF tire carrier
  196. Post BJ...install Q
  197. ......Get your GEN5 Motor Runnin
  198. Synergy Rear Shock Mounts
  199. Can you make a lifted JKU ride better then stock - My First JK Build
  200. Odd Brake Question - Spongy
  201. Complete dash removal
  202. The "F*** it Bucket" build
  203. What gears ?
  204. Hemi headers, who's using what?
  205. exhaust spacers - rattling on transfer case skid mount
  206. idiot alert - 2.5 inch rear bumper lights - halp!
  207. Cracked Transfer Case
  208. Tie Rod rotating with Hydro Assist. Is this normal?
  209. How to adjust rear suspension/trailing arms?
  210. Steering
  211. Want to lift '16 JKU without voiding the warranty
  212. 6l80E 2WD to 4WD Conversion
  213. FS:2016 Jeep Unlimited Rubicon, 571 Miles, Ultimate Dana 60's, 40" Tires, Coilovers.
  214. Ideas for a Build
  215. teraflex BB front with Baer ss4 rear?
  216. Lund Latitude Nerf Bars
  217. Anybody running Shrockworks rock sliders with 40'' tires ?
  218. Jk cab
  219. those that have/currently run RCVs in D30/D44 housing...
  220. Aftermarket fuel pump for v8 swap....
  221. anyone running a magnuson SC w/ volant cold intake on a pentastar?
  222. Flashpaq and shifting an auto
  223. Project: Right the First Time
  224. Need front frame horns
  225. HOW IN THE????
  226. Best spray on sound Deadener
  227. help pls - synergy rear upper control arms
  228. Stock Gear Ratio to 5.38
  229. Drivetrain Whining Noise
  230. Is this a viable, temporary reenforcement for OEM "SportsBar"?
  231. General info on stretching help
  232. Truss and or mounts for 79 Ford Dana 60 swap in JK
  233. Power Steering Fades At Higher RPM
  234. Sprintex Supercharger vs Prodigy Turbo
  235. Bad Joints and Heims - RK
  236. Going through draglink TRE too fast
  237. Frt Locker Comes On By Itself When Turning
  238. UD60's with 37's and stock flares?
  239. Just finished the Rubicon Trail
  240. RIPP 3.6 supercharger transmission temperature
  241. EVO Mini Liners
  242. Ordered new 2017 Wrangler, need some advice on mods
  243. steering clearance with 40's?
  244. How to recalibrate - need help
  245. Need some help with upcoming modifications
  246. What would you do with $6k? (Fr. Axle)
  247. The wrecked wrangler build
  248. Jeep with 35" tires sways all over the road
  249. Poly Motor Mounts?
  250. antirock front and what in the rear?