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Modified JK Tech Dept.

  1. Conversation about putting a Late 70's Dana 44 into a JKU
  2. X-Factor vs CT3
  3. Preparing for tons questions about brake lines and cables
  4. ABS always engaging while braking
  5. Erratic coolant temp
  6. Not another DW thread but could it be a Christmas miracle?
  7. Anyone seen the Mopar J8 booster & master cylinder kit in stock
  8. 2015 jku rubi lift question
  9. Real world feedback on gears @400-450HP
  10. 40's with Coil overs lowest lift?
  11. New or stock driveshaft with 5inch lift
  12. Hood vents from Rodlouvers. What do you think?
  13. PO6DD code need some help please
  14. Please help with new sway bar links
  15. Control Arm Lengths for Tons?
  16. Locker Bypass using SPOD
  17. Broken semi float trail fix idea
  18. Which long arm upgrade???
  19. Sprintex 3.8L oil fill
  20. Looking at new axles, is there a cheaper option if I have d60 housings?
  21. Jeep Speed Shop Cruise Control Switch
  22. JK aftermarket housing caster specs?
  23. Who's running high pinion in the rear?
  24. Fusion 60/44
  25. Hypertech programmer issues
  27. Current weld in cage options
  28. Rubicon smartbar
  29. ProRock 44 Setup Kit
  30. Input on 4.88 or 5.13 gear ratios.
  31. Thoughts on my build going forward
  32. Falcon Nexus stabilizer with knuckles that raise the tie rod?
  33. 07 maunal wont shift with new clutch
  34. 07 4 door metal cloak short lift
  35. JSS 5.7 Hemi(Truck) with C&R radiator
  36. Brutus is gone, welcome Rhino.
  37. New axle shafts with gear change?
  38. UD60: ARB or E-locker??
  39. Onboard Air Options with LS
  40. 3.6L Aftermarket Oil Pickup for Improved Off-Angle Performance
  41. Ected vs Eaton for D30?
  42. Any experience with Patriot M/T's?
  43. Issue after recall performed at dealer
  44. Looking to source a ypipe for 5.7 hemi swap
  45. Rear Falcon Shocks with Synergy long travel shock mount
  46. install small BB kit, ESC / TC / EBS kicking in on left turn or minor launch..
  47. What skid plates are you using with JK Hemi Truck conversion
  48. jku cage
  49. Corner Armor
  50. Tune up on my 11 3.8l and automatic
  51. Tuners
  52. 2007 JK BIG OL' BUILD
  53. Removing jeep parts for gm parts
  54. Adjustable Ball Joint needed????
  55. Synergy or Metalcloak Control Arms??
  56. Jeep wraps
  57. PSC Power Steering Pump Install with Hemi
  58. Diff cover info
  59. PSC Big Bore interference with Teraflex Track Bar?
  60. Rear Body Mount Caved, Reinforcement?
  61. RTMR Bussmann DIY Bracket
  62. Synergy MFG Control Arms?
  63. Genright 25gal has tank
  64. Pressurized water bumper mod
  65. HOW TO: Install an HD Diff Cover
  66. Does Track Bar Hit Pitman Arm when Full Passenger Full Compression in OEM Config?
  67. Fox DSC
  68. Finally ordered a lift. Teraflex 2.5inch coils and shocks
  69. Still cooling issues
  70. Normal Drag Link Rod End Movement?
  71. Misfire
  72. Rubicon transfer case rebuild kit?
  73. Jeep overheats when A/C is on!
  74. Just another 4 door Rubicon
  75. Coolant leak - blower coming off AGAIN.
  76. Holy crap? LCA labor costs
  77. 37x13.5x17 tires, wheels, and lift for JK Unlimited
  78. Cool cap
  79. Teraflex tire carrier + 40" tire =?????
  80. 2018 Auto JK
  81. Teraflex full float axle nut socket
  82. Cooling questions
  83. Bruiser Conversions LS3 Swap
  84. Cooling fan
  85. Front end coil over conversion questions.
  86. Hoat vs oat
  87. Overheating with a twist
  88. Goodbye, JKO!
  89. Decalifornication...
  90. Set up question
  91. Bushing joints vs heim joints
  92. 2010 JKU Drifting
  94. Interest in Custom Control Arm Shims?
  95. Synergy 3 lift, shock recs?
  96. rustys flow daddy headers 3.8
  97. Vibration 15-45 MPH
  98. install PSC assisted steering on 2011 JKU with 3" lift and all OEM link locations
  99. Limp mode no speedometer/odometer
  100. Extras needed for 2.5-3.5 inch lift
  101. blown up rear diff. Now what
  102. anyone used Brake Disks from Amazon?
  103. Ford Shock mounts on front of JK (raised/ stem to eyelet)
  104. Rebel Offroad Recon Kit install
  105. Core 44 build questions
  106. Maxxis Raar Mt's
  107. Thinking about lift tires gears combo
  108. PSC Issues: Big Bore Kit
  109. Wheel Studs for D60 Front Axle
  110. Just another Daily Driver Build Thread
  111. RK suspension help
  112. Steering problems after PR44 install.
  113. Fuel line fittings LS JK
  114. RK front coilover rough ride problem
  115. AN- brake line size
  116. Tire width of UD60s
  117. Check Engine Light - 2.1 SoF Bus b0 Panel Open
  118. Counterfeit Rugged Ridge parts alert....
  119. JK -07 alignment results
  120. Rear brake lines 2 door
  121. Power Steering - Teflon bits / chunks in filter
  122. Bucking / backfiring through intake...
  123. 2010 Rubicon shuttering at low rpms any gear
  124. Interview question
  125. EVAP Canister.....
  126. Sway bar disco
  127. PSC High Flow Pump Kit 2010 JKUR
  128. bikini top
  129. Post pictures of your cargo basket on your hitch
  130. Waterproofing an auto JK
  131. Air bumps
  132. RIPP header on 2dr
  133. Do you roll Dana 60s?
  134. Multi-point harness
  135. Straight cut gears- who runs them?
  136. Rear control arm relocation
  137. Tire Clearance/Rubbing
  138. 2015 JKU - ESC, TC, ABS, typical tom foolery
  139. Higher Clearance Rear LCA Brackets
  140. aTX's TRU WW build - 4 linked full hydro 42" stickies
  141. Crown extended brake lines
  142. Shift adapters
  143. Stock Rubi Locker Solenoid
  144. Just installed my lift (i have some questions)
  145. ESC-ABS and Currie Rock Jock 60's
  146. Camber?
  147. Fuel transfer fittings
  148. Simplify JK wiring to bare minimum
  149. complete ABS removal
  150. Newbie Rubi D44 Front Axle - ring ear bolts - please help!
  151. Favorite tailgate plate (spare delete) vent cover?
  152. Rubi D44 Front and Non Rubi D44 Rear Question?
  153. Lots of weird noise!!
  154. Old school one ton swap on 2012 Rubicon - some help needd
  155. Bolt torque for aftermarket brackets?
  156. 3.6L JK Fan On Switch
  157. Looking for some assistance
  158. 2017 JKU RECON BUILD
  159. Shudder from takeoff
  160. Quick Disconnects
  161. Lower Control Arm Install
  162. Engine/Oil Skid to work with Currie VXR60 Axles
  163. Death wobble and a loose castle nut
  164. 2008 2 door stretched junk
  165. Built D30 vs D44???
  166. UD44 with flip kit
  167. Hydro assist help
  168. JSS battery tray wire harness clearance??
  169. Fuel cell lines
  170. PSC pump help
  171. DV8 rear bumper - to get or not to get...
  172. Rancho geometry brackets
  173. Gear pattern help
  174. ADD bumpers on JL
  175. New line x ultra exterior paint
  176. Steering for GR Elite and Dynatrac XD60
  177. How pissed should i be
  178. Replacing Tuffy Lock
  179. Need Help, JKU Brakes and Upgraded MC + Booster with my UD60's
  180. Interior up grade help needed
  181. Noise near Fr R tire, now turning issue
  182. Atlas 4 Speed T-case
  183. I know , I know
  184. Don’t know what to do, NEED HELP!
  185. Weird steering issue
  186. Terrible creaking sound.
  187. VKS V3 Stubby D Ring issue?
  188. CAN Bus Hacking Sway Bar Disconnect
  189. Quiet exhaust for RIPPed 3.6
  190. When to rebuild the ARB twin compressor?
  191. Painting bead lock rings?
  192. "How much is in that thing?"
  193. Time for a new winch
  194. In the shop today...
  195. Power Steering Fiasco
  196. T-CASE
  197. thinking about control arm skids
  198. Ball Joint
  199. Intermittent limp mode with Atlas?
  200. UD 60 Questions
  201. Coil spring advice.
  202. programming jeep after gear / axle swap issue po731
  203. Getting the locker lights on the dash to work on a non rubi
  204. Beefing Up Rear Dana 44 (non-rubicon)?
  205. Been thinking tons and 40s
  206. What Year?
  207. Wandering 4 door JK
  208. Brake line length ?
  209. Prepping/Rebuilding transfer case before install?
  210. Beadlock mounting help
  211. Our first Poison Spyder Bruiser Bumper
  212. REBEL OFF ROAD 2018 JLU Build Thread
  213. Where is the Secret Sauce?
  214. The Nomad Project
  215. Custom Roll bar padding suggestions
  216. Need a heavy duty front track bar bracket for UD60
  217. Rebuilt and tapped gearbox blowing sector shaft seal.
  218. Locking Out Rubicon Sway Bar with Relays
  219. Fit of Rage meets the CTI at EJS
  220. Poison spyder disco skidplate
  221. 05+ Sterling rear axle width
  222. Rubicon transfer case and traildash 2
  223. Infinity subwoofer bracket replacement.
  224. Which springs?
  225. question re: a temp roll-over re-enforcement measure - with pointy things!
  226. Gear swap and TrueTrac limited slip
  227. Ceramic coatings
  228. Aluminum V. Chromoly Steering
  229. Interpret these alignment numbers
  230. Front License Plate Solution
  231. Brake lines vs Falcons?
  232. Shocks with a kit or buy shock separate from the lift kit
  233. Steering wheel controls from head unit
  234. Steering
  235. Custom cages?
  236. Pinion bearing help
  237. Tire carriers that fit a 40x15.50x20
  238. 2017 rubi locker to 2012 jk d44?
  239. Coil spacers for 3 inch shock extenders
  240. Overdrive
  241. Artec Night Hawk Rear Bumper
  242. V8 swap in California?
  243. Need some help with axle shafts and arb
  244. non Rubi JK D44 and zip locker
  245. Have yall ever seen these winches?
  246. I appear to have popped-one off ...
  247. Clayton Offroad Long Arm Install (JKU)
  248. Traction Control light Only under load. One tons.
  249. RippnSupercharger Models
  250. New Shocks or whole new lift system?