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JK General Discussion

  1. JKO Rep'ing In Peterson's 4Wheel & Off Road
  2. Soft Top issue.
  3. E-disconnect sway bar inverted
  4. Teraflex Coil Spring Sag
  5. Seats, Smittybuilt XRC and Mastercraft Baja RS
  6. Wheeling the 2012?
  7. New or Old Rubicon?
  8. 2012 JK Automatic Owners- Beware!!
  9. suggestions??
  10. Did you know how dirty the rear window gets???!!!
  11. Can someone explain the purpose of tube doors?
  12. Dynatrac & Poly Corrects Mistake w/ PR-44!
  13. 2012 JKU mileage vs pre 2012 mileage
  14. LEGO JK - kids made 18-inch Lego model - pls VOTE.....
  15. Rear bumper Input
  16. Will this ujoint fit a Rubi front axle shaft?
  17. Rear Clearance Issue with AEV bar vs RK lift
  18. JK Scale models or diecast??
  19. Custom Bike Carrier
  20. Just took more money
  21. What Happens to Your OEM Driveshaft When You Put a 3"+ Lift on Your Jeep
  22. ROAD///RACE MOTORSPORTS 2011 Power Pack
  23. Does anyone have experience with Rustys off road lift kits?
  24. E auto grills stuff
  25. What diff cover are you running?
  26. Mopar portal axles
  27. Dealership and Clockspring
  28. Top talk... What options do you have?
  29. Just got my Aeroforce Interceptor Gauge!
  30. will a 2.5" lift look good with stock tires(pics plz)
  31. Towing with a 2012 vs 2008
  32. Picture request. 4" lift and 33" tires.
  33. Custom Dead Pedal
  34. Calling all members running an AIRAID Intake System
  35. flowmaster exhaust
  36. Driving with no axle shafts/drive shaft
  37. Oil magically disappearing 3.8L
  38. Grill Blackout???
  39. Driveshaft questions
  40. U joint
  41. Hitch Mounted Cargo Basket help needed
  42. One week old Sahara Unlimited and ...
  43. licence plate delete
  44. Gobi stealth recon roof rack installed on a 2012 COD: MW3 JKU
  45. Why You Want to Disconnect Your Front Sway Bar While Off Roading (Video + Pictures)
  46. Newbie questions about first lift...it's REALLY high!
  47. Anybody run GenRight Trail Series?
  48. Pentastar V6 flex fuel
  49. Gobi Racks
  50. Dynomax 39516
  51. Will selling my hardtop decrease the value of my JKU
  52. vacuum pump relocate kits
  53. tow package 2010 4dr auto
  54. Lift delimna
  55. Off Road Evolution and EVO Manufacturing
  56. A few shots of the rig as it stands today...
  57. 37s installed!
  58. The Shakes
  59. Identify these joints
  60. Need instructions to install Superlift High-Clearance Dual Superide
  61. Axle truss or RSE Bombshell kit?
  62. Got a dilemma
  63. Dash Light into 07 JK
  64. Newb JK Q's???
  65. Fog Light Opening Blanks
  66. Value of Jeep
  67. has anyone made a DIY oil pan skid?
  68. add 2012 to the fire list
  69. PSC Motorsports Power Steering & Tranmission Cooler
  70. Anybody in the Portland/Vancouver area?
  71. Its finally here!
  72. Some Promising Diesel News
  73. OX Installation and Tech videos.
  74. 3.5lift and 42s ?
  75. Before & After Hit Pics of Aluminum Fender Flares
  76. Chalk test for PSI; is it accurate?
  77. Crack in Freedom Top
  78. Warn winch plate for stock JK bumper ?
  79. Any Cup Holder Modifications?
  80. AEV Dualsport 3.5" ST kit questions
  81. 50" Rigid SR Installed
  82. I need 2 Trektop NX
  83. Hard top is hot climates?
  84. Ballistic Fabrication; any good?
  85. new rampage insert
  86. What a great combo!
  87. bikini top using trek top surrounds?
  88. Rock Chips in Metal Flat Fenders
  89. Oops. Brake line "Rerouted"
  90. Front axle seal leaking
  91. Falken Wild Peak A/Ts
  92. Check out my new bling
  93. Racks
  94. First trip out with the new lift and tires!
  95. Superwinch Amazon Deals
  96. Mopar rubber linings
  97. Upper half's
  98. Talk me out of 37's
  99. Can someone please measure width?
  100. Radiator Reservoir
  101. Trailers for towing...
  102. 4 door wrangler 33' MTRs pics
  103. 33s on a stock JK
  104. Which tubular doos are these?
  105. Not sure what bed liner paint to get
  106. Pictures of 35s with no lift
  107. Any 2012 Feedback? Need advise
  108. Windproof Bluetooth?
  109. What to look for in a used Wrangler X?
  110. Jeep search
  111. Ok, so I feel like a moron...
  112. Placed an order!
  113. glovebox broke
  114. Best 37x12.5x18 mild MT or aggressive AT tire search
  115. What are the options for sliders?
  116. pic request, 2.5 or 3" lift w/factory 32s
  117. Who makes the PS Brawler/ Genright style sliders?
  118. Half-Door-Conundrum
  119. Smittybilt Tube Doors - Thoughts
  120. 80 CJ5. Is it worth it for this price?
  121. Hill descent on or off?
  122. air tanks
  123. Teraflex 2.5 in coil lift
  124. What should I expect to break?
  125. The Great Brake Debate
  126. Part Number for transfer shift boot and bezel
  127. Best top supertop or trek top?
  128. OffRoad.com RRM 2012JK Rubicon
  129. Need Some Help! Rock Krawler Lift Taking Forever To Ship.
  130. Headlights- Help me understand please
  131. Concerns after changing differential fluids.
  132. Mountain Edition JKU
  133. Throttle Body Spacer?
  134. Flare options for modded JK
  135. Genright Fuel Tank
  136. Smittybilt xrc body cladding
  137. Squeak, squeak, squeak
  138. Where to start...
  139. Rotopax mount for roll cage
  140. Road///RaceMotorsports Power Pack Dyno Sheet
  141. Caught in the rain on Facebook
  142. My Experience with JCR Offroad
  143. 2010 Wrangler Recall - 68,000 for fire risk
  144. Src bumper and tire carrier.
  145. Dumb question...
  146. JCR Crusader Series Stubby REAR - Anyone Got One On Their JK?
  147. Hi-lift handle all??
  148. Whats it worth
  149. first jk dent
  150. Cheap, lightweight half doors, why hasn't anyone thought of this?
  151. Pic request...aftermarket flares.
  152. Fog Light Screw Size
  153. Bestop NX 4 door and doors review. (Worstop)
  154. Airbag light on, questions?
  155. Picture request.
  157. Help me I.D. these tube fenders!
  158. Recall, it finally happened
  159. Pure Jeep Fenders
  160. Yesterday was a great day...
  161. 2012 RIPP COLD AIR INTAKE??
  162. Newbie question
  163. 2007 jku
  164. Whats the Law on this one?
  165. What are doing for side mirrors when doors are off?
  166. Off Road Evolution
  167. BFG TA KM2 255X80R17E
  168. Jeep upholstery
  169. RROR Cargo Hi-Lift Mount??
  170. Need some input.
  171. Trans Cooler Odered!!
  172. Options to cover the cargo area with safari top?
  173. 2012 Rubicon Unlimited "Call of Duty"
  174. Summer Top Trim
  175. Gobi Rack info
  176. Mopar Softtop hardward alternatives????
  177. Any idea when I can order a '13?
  178. Ace Tire Carrier Wins a Rear End Job!!!
  179. Wheel width and switching tire size
  180. interesting observation on the front brakes
  181. Build advice PLZ - Parts list for my 2012 JKUR build
  182. Thanks To Rebel Offroad
  183. '07 Sahara Unlimited Diesel Build
  184. Panel in front of the shifter
  185. JKO Memebers who get high!
  186. Do you have Dynatrac parts on your JK?? Pictures needed!!
  187. Anyone Know Where to Get ABS Bracket?
  188. What trails to run in Moab?
  189. How far have you driven doorless and topless?
  190. Proper downshift method?
  191. CAI and Speedometer Calibrator????
  192. Gas fill-up overflow
  193. Top Advice
  194. Bad A/c compressor clutch/unit, any luck?
  195. Desert Snake Jerry can dilema
  196. Fabricating a Tie Rod
  197. Brute double cab in new issue of FourWheeler magazine
  198. Anodize or powdercoat rock rings?
  199. waiting...
  200. GEN2 Sway Bar Disconnects are just hanging(broke off). are they important?
  201. yellow car light on dash.
  202. going perma 2 seater in the jk
  203. My experience with River Raider Skids
  204. Tire and wheel question
  205. help needed please
  206. Fender flairs
  207. Show me your beat up skids
  208. Sideview mirror relocation - Getting the stock mirrors off their mounts?!
  209. Tire carrier question
  210. Attached swingout tire carrier damage
  211. Shaffer's Offroad JK Cage
  212. rear deive shaft removal
  213. Newbie needs advice in buying a Jeep!
  214. Stock Rubi E-lockers and 37's - Who has blown up a locker because of tire size/weight
  215. Going from 37s to 35s ?
  216. Nut Removal
  217. At least its lifted and on 35's...
  218. please help!!!
  219. powertank vs poly's co2 tank tank
  220. Loss of power/shutter while shifting
  221. AEV 3.5" SC lift with 35's and 37's.
  222. 2012 JK 3.6l power programmer?
  223. Four X Doctor diff guard and other questions
  224. Nemesis on Escalator, Moab 2012
  225. The art of making the soft top last forever
  226. Blue Halo Lights
  227. need tire advice
  228. Right tire upgrade......
  229. GPS
  230. What is this?
  231. Flushing coolant issues
  232. If I was to make an aftermarket part for JK?
  233. Can someone tell me how to properly remove the transfer case shift knob off a 2012?
  234. My lift question
  235. Click Click
  236. Burgundy jeep
  237. xhd front bumper
  238. Gecko!
  239. Any Aeroforce Dealers Here?
  240. Gear installer in Illinois area
  241. Help doing Flat Fenders in Northern Utah (Kaysville)
  242. Intermittent no start
  243. The Red Star Mega Giveaway Winners..
  244. Wouldn't mind having this
  245. OBD II Reader/Scanner?
  246. Where do you buy your Cragar soft 8s from?
  247. What Leveling kit looks good with 265s
  248. Dumb Jack Stand Question
  249. Need Urgent Help - Won't Start
  250. De-activating the annoying "Ding Ding"