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JK General Discussion

  1. Billet JKU Wheels - All Black, Machined, or Combo
  2. hosed out jeep, check engine light on
  3. Help me decide on a locker! detroit locker or tru trac
  4. Audio Hlp Requested
  5. 3.6 with 37s, 5.13s, 6spd, intake, exhaust and 94 octane.....
  6. So sad, but true...
  7. Hard Top on JKU
  8. Still bad shimmy but not deathwobble
  9. My 2008 JKU
  10. Door Hinges
  11. warn vr 10000s vs zeon 10
  12. Removing Dash Trim 07-09
  13. Rear Axle Flange
  14. rails or bumper?
  15. How risky a running without a spare on daily driver?
  16. Stock JKU gas tank skid - worth upgrading?
  17. HELP!! 07 JK
  18. RIPP Superchargers DEALS EJS 2014 in MOAB! Prices too low to advertise!!
  19. Help identify these rocker guards
  20. Anyone running poison spyder narrow tube fenders??
  21. Fog lights
  22. Antifreeze leak at thermostat housing
  23. is 4.88 too much?
  24. Any pics of 4 door with bar padding removed?
  25. Switching to Mobil 1
  26. Align before new wheels or after?
  27. On board air help
  28. To cut or not to cut.
  29. Moab Hot Spots?
  30. Ardex PTR
  31. Metal Cloak 3.5" Game Changer + 1" Puck?
  32. Genright and Metalcloak
  33. www.4x4addiction.com
  34. How to fill the void where a winch should be
  35. new member few questions
  36. 4.10 or 3.73 in the 2014 JKUR?
  37. Bestop soft doors vs Rugged Ridge Half Doors
  38. Hardware loosens after how much wheeling?
  39. I was dropping my brother off and I saw it
  40. Did MOPAR make a grey JKU soft top?
  41. 35s are here and fenders are cut, what else?
  42. What's the Cheapest Car to Insure? Who'da Thought?
  43. Any interest in helping disabled veterans go off roading?
  44. Warn, Zeon 12000 vs Harbor Freight, Badlands 12000 Winches
  45. TeraFlex Install: Wheel Offset Adapters
  46. March Sweepstakes: WIN $350 in FREE Jeep Parts from XT!
  47. Rough Country Drive Shafts
  48. Rusty bar behind grill.
  49. DAMMITT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  50. Tramp Stamp
  51. DIY Security Deck
  52. Anyone having interior fan problems?
  53. Aussie Locker Vendors?
  54. spyntec hub conversion questions
  55. M.O.R.E. Oil Pan/ Trans. Skid - Anyone Using This?
  56. Looking For Molded Rubber Floor
  57. Next gen Wrangler will have removable doors and solid axles...and maybe a power top o
  59. New to forum from Central Texas
  60. Help me, spend my money... or yours
  61. Painted Black Grill
  62. TeraFlex VS Rough Country 2.5" Spacer Kits
  63. Rear sway bar issues
  64. Talked to exhaust shop, does he know what he's talking about?
  65. Gone Fishin!
  66. Navigation Erased!
  67. Progressive Rate Springs - Poly VS. RK?
  68. tires stick out further on one side...
  69. Need your opinion on leveling the wife's 4 door
  70. Towing
  71. Narrowed Down Wheels Choices
  72. No heat on Drivers side
  73. My ls3 having fun in the snow
  74. Jeep Renegade
  75. [VIDEO] Plasti Dip rims, durability test and howto
  76. XRC fenders pics?
  77. San Diego jeep rental
  78. rustys lift.
  79. Budget boost
  80. needing a lift
  81. Need help replacing my 2008 3.8!
  82. Tire relocation bracket and stock wheel/tire
  83. Hard Top question
  84. When a JK rolls off the Mt. road
  85. Willy's Wheeler with Rough Country Lift
  86. Tire carrier or not
  87. Where to purchase
  88. Which Color?? Quick!!!!
  89. Who the heck sells MetalCloak stuff?
  90. How to tell what gears I have?
  91. ProCharger Super Charger for 2011 3.8l JKU Rubi
  92. Okay, where are the African American JK Jeepers?
  93. 3.6 Owners with higher miles - Post here
  94. Shout out to PSC Motorsports customer service.
  95. Please share this
  96. Would you buy any of salvage jeeps?
  97. Gear oil change
  98. OR Fab Sport Cage?
  99. So there I was.....
  100. I have 99565 miles on my '08 JKUR. Whats going to break?
  101. Looking for advice on new sound system
  102. Rugged Ridge hood armor installed....
  103. Extra Fuel In Moab
  104. Would you fix up a Call of Duty?
  105. What have you broken?
  106. Readylift....LOL!!!
  107. Auto tranny replaced
  108. Genright AL rocker guards
  109. Daystar Hood Wranglers
  110. If you were to do it all over....
  111. 09 jk tweaked frame
  112. Another Bent Rear Axle
  113. Rock Hard Sport Cage Installed.. OH YEAH
  114. Rough Country forged track bars
  115. Trailmaster suspension
  116. TF 2.5 to 3.5ish
  117. Easter Jeep Safari night run
  118. Jeep Soft
  119. Mystery Nobody Has Solved-Lean
  120. Re gearing to 5:13
  121. Anyone every felt with trail duty
  122. AEV snorkel mod question
  123. RK or Synergy springs..of the 2.5" range
  124. Whose towing JKs with 1/2 tons?
  125. Windshield hinge weld nut plate?
  126. Looking to buy, but issues!! Help!
  127. suspension ?
  128. Floating Jeep pontoons observations/questions
  129. Plan to modify my XHD Tire carrier.
  130. 2010 Recall for fires
  131. Fierce Attitude price
  132. What to do? What would you do?
  133. My heads a spinning and need help.......
  134. pulling to the left hard while driving straight
  135. JK stereo finished
  136. Not a newb but newly back in the game and have a question
  137. How Are You Routing Your Front Brake Lines?
  138. jk spring rate
  139. Different size coil spacers
  140. Vendors: Wired HDH Switch
  141. Anyone have info on this JK
  142. 07 JK Hard top fit 2012 JK
  143. ARB Video on what lockers do and why
  144. First JEP, First Build
  145. Rebuilt Steering gear
  146. Easy Removable Soft Top
  147. Set on a new Unlimited in Hydro Blue. Polar or Freedom?
  148. Clockspring misdiagnosed by dealer?!
  149. Tie rod question
  150. 2014 Rubicon and gears?
  151. Looking for Advice on Proposed Build
  152. FREE VIAIR Compressor Enter Ride of the Month to WIN
  153. My First JK build
  154. TeraFlex: The Road Warrior
  155. Looking to purchase my first Jeep
  156. 2009 JKR locker activation question
  157. Nitro Gears and rear locker
  158. wheel spacers?
  159. Fair price to pay for used tires...
  160. Another "What should I buy" thread.
  161. Looking for Feedback on a New Build
  162. Anyone has any 3D CAD files?
  163. Paid off Jeep.... NOW...
  164. JK unlimited 2 door
  165. Rough country 2.5 lift (Death Wobble)
  166. How long in Moab?
  167. When does your truck become a rig?
  168. P1457 CEL Help Please
  169. a familiar brand in a strange location...can you identify why?
  170. Rancho 3" Trail Lift Kit Feedback?
  171. Tire question
  172. 2012 JK Automatic & Axle on 35 or 37 tires?
  173. KOH Live Feed
  175. Time to Refine Shifting Technique
  176. Stolen San Diego Mission Valley Unlimited Rubicon
  177. 3.8L vs 3.6L (Pentastar)with 35s question...
  178. Strange Sound when Accelerating
  179. Anyone know the status of the Trailmod fender company?
  180. Need a Rubicon Dana 44 rear axle housing
  181. What would you do?
  182. Choosing a Lift Kit.
  183. Q9000 winch failed! pics
  184. Help finding a non winch bumper
  185. minimalist front bumper....
  186. bust out the feeler guage - it totaly still fits....
  187. 2012 jku abs and traction control issues
  188. 3.8L Rubicon vs. 3.6L Sport?
  189. U Connect and Iphone 5
  190. Need some help
  191. Vacuum Pump Relocation and sPod
  192. Looking for feedback on the Poly/Synergy rear bumper....
  193. Who has swapped their transfer case in a 2012+ auto?
  194. Who's running without a heat-shield between muffler and tub?
  195. Insurance
  196. Am I Crazy
  197. The JK lean
  199. I dont even know where to begin. Need suggestions.
  200. Unit bearing question
  201. Broken Windsheild
  202. remote car starter
  203. 2013 and up Stub Shaft and U-joint
  204. Modded stock stuff, Tech or Stock forum?
  205. Tramp stamp question
  206. Question Regarding Ultra Badlands 16"x8" Polished Wheels
  207. Strange problem with my 3.8L
  208. Let's talk fridges
  209. Nitro R&P
  210. Uconnect 730N
  211. preparing for frigid temps
  212. 2013 Gears
  213. Getting stuck sucks
  214. Issues with Genright rear stubby bumper - please help
  215. Little help plz...
  216. So anyone else have Kevlar paint?
  217. First Jeep
  218. found perfect beer for the ARB 50qt fridge
  219. Jeep coming soon, last min questions before build
  220. Anyone running without bumpers at all?
  221. 2012 rag top
  222. Transmission Failure in 2012, 2013 Rubicons
  223. Thinking of buying a 2010 JK Rubi, can you help me out?
  224. New device to break into cars
  225. Driving without outter stub shaft installed
  226. Damn, I'm a cheap bastard....bought a $100 engine/trans skid
  227. Jk fuel economy
  228. Synergy Ball Joints ordered!! Oh yea!!!
  229. Which gearing
  230. 15inch wheels an option?
  231. Any interest in a 30sp front arb for rubicons?
  232. Anyone got Rubi takeoff shocks/springs
  233. 75k Tune up
  234. Rugged Ridge Floor Liners disappointment
  235. lat long gps coordinates
  236. Decal Opinions
  237. JK or JKU that is the Question.....+ some
  238. head lights stay on, after lock. kill it.
  239. Got a New 2014 JKU
  240. Genright Front & Rear Bumper / Where to purchase in Houston Texas or Mail Order
  241. Inexpensive Black Wheels
  242. Budget Build Feedback before ordering
  243. TeraFlex Aluminum Rock sliders
  244. Tatton vs. Tom Woods driveshafts
  245. custom switch ideas
  246. Rear diff or engine chattering
  247. Accident repair..Upgrades?
  248. Need help identifying and pricing chromoly shafts
  249. Genright JK Front Winch Bumper Full Width / WAREN ZEON 10-S
  250. Dumb question