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This is Bullshit!

I am going to re-post a previous comment I made on another thread to get the info out, and add another few comments...

"I am so tired of the random issues with this thing. We were chillin for a few minutes, so I turned it off, then cranked it back up; immediately the engine started this really bad shaking, with what sounded like a rod going. Turned it off, cranked it again and it ran fine but the CE light came on. Another surprise in waiting for me I guess. Thank god it did not crap out on the trail. Never had so many problems with a vehicle with so much potential... So very disappointing.
I am really struggling with my logic in keeping this thing to be honest. A good concept, and runs the trails well so far, but guess I don't trust it. After the latest recall fix on the tranny, and I am supposed to add a cooler to try and prevent it from happening, while they just add an alarm to tell me it is overheating? REALLY?
If I produced a similar fix like that in my world, I would be fired for doing a half-ass job; not counting the cost to my client, and employer for wasting everyone's time.
One thing I can say is, if it was not for the internet, and you guys especially figuring out the problems and then sharing it, Chrysler would be in some very, very deep sheeot!"

Now on to the other crap... And if anyone wants to post up and say a $35,000 vehicle of any kind does this shit normally, you are a fool, and obviously have too much money, pride, or just in denial. Do me a favor and save your keyboard for something more intelligent, because I am not interested in hearing about it.

Steering - Why the fuck does my JK drift excessively to the right? Chrysler calls it a "Drift" btw.. You have to literally hold the steering wheel to the left to keep it going strait. If you drive on a crowned road on the left side, it will literally climb the center back into the right lane...They insulted me and my Wife by telling me that this was considered a customer service issue. WTF? Service manager told us that it was in the same category as not liking the paint color on delivery, not liking the smell. Also, they told me that "What did I expect, the vehicle is not designed to be driven on the road anyway." It took everything I had not to punch that prick in the face. After 7 months of fighting with them, we had to take a settlement on our BRAND NEW JK's "Steering Issues", which removed it from the warranty, just to save our sanity of dealing with these Jerks!

Why does my friggin roof leak? This is bullshit. If I leave it outside, the stupid roof is gonna drain all along the front and around the doors. Really? Now, I have to replace that too. Thank God someone here had one they did not need vs me spending another $1500-1600 on it.. I was going to invest another $5-6k into this thing, and discovering that I need to put that shit into the bank just to cover whatever else will go wrong.

I am soo tired of trying. Since they already got my money, I look like another idiot. Doing research on information only leads to more frustration, and talking to them does no good. They are broken.

Once again, I commend every one of you who spend your time and money trying to diagnose, work out, and fix this vehicle's issues basically for free, and whom obviously care more about this brand (Jeep Wrangler) than Chrysler does any of theirs, so the rest of us can try to keep enjoying driving it. This really has to stop. Apparently, Fiat is taking over from Mercedes in an attempt to fix all the quality, and safety issues with Jeep, and the rest of the crap they are feeding us. They surely have their work cut out for them.

Yes, I am pissed. I have every right to be. Rant over.
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Yes- you certainly do have that right. The JK is from what I have seen and experienced very poorly designed in some respects. That being said, there are some very good aspects of this vehicle too.

I feel your vent 100%, but I guess you have to come to terms and do one of three things imo.....

Either try to sell it.
Keep it and just accept the issues.
Keep it and try to fix what is wrong.

The dealership- Sounds as if you have a poor working relationship with this particular dealership, and well.....having a good relationship with them is key. Once you butt heads a couple times, it becomes very difficult to re-establish the trust, respect, and communication. You become wary of them and visa-versa. And I completely agree- some of what they are saying sounds like complete BS. Regardless, there are some out there that are more willing to work with unhappy customers and perform quality service. Can you try to find another dealership? Many of us have gone out of our way to find a "Jeep friendly", and qualified dealership. I personally had to go to 5-6 when I had my TJ and LJ before I could finally end the search. It was a hassle, but because I modded, wheeled, and planned on keeping the was worth it.

The steering- I never had this problem with my JK and I know many others that have not. It sounds like an adjustment issue, or possibly that something is loose. I couldn't tell from your post if you have this issue solved or not, but if not, and if it's worth it, then there are plenty of guys here that will try to help you solve the problem. So will a good dealership. .

The cooler issue- Same as above....all a matter of if it's worth it to take the time and effort to install one, but they are not hard to do, they are not expensive, and it will certainly help or eliminate the overheating issue.

The roof leak- I personally got tired of them trying to fix it 3 times, so I just carry a beach towel to lay on the dash and console, and hope for the best each time it rains. Sometimes it leaks- sometimes it doesn't. I have to figure that eventually they will develop a new seal kit that actually works. maybe they already have by now. It's just not a big deal since we don't get all that much rain where I live. No help, I know.....sorry.

The shuddering/ shaking- Take it to any dealership or even your local auto parts store to have them scan it to see what code is coming up. It might not be a big thing and there are certainly a lot of different things it could be- pump, rod/ piston, spark plugs, etc, etc. may be a simple and cheap (painless) fix.

I guess my point is that there should come a point hopefully where these issues are taken care of, and will not continue to plague the vehicle and jeopardize your safety (and sanity). Overall the Jeep (especially the JK) is a quirky and potentially unreliable vehicle until each one gets the bugs worked out. Plenty of people have never had any issues, others have had some minor but irritating issues, and still others have had repeated safety/ reliability issues that have become simply too much to justify keeping the vehicle. It seems like a crap-shoot with the JK. I for one, can absolutely understand the frustration, so like I suggested.....try to come to terms and make a decision (even if temporary for the time being) that you will try to accept, fix, or sell.

You know that a lot of us here will be more than happy to try to assist in any way possible. Just take the issues one at a time. Sorry for the epic long response, but again, I just wanted to let you know that there are those of us that feel your pain, and are here if you need. Not trying to insult your intelligence, as no doubt you are aware of over half the things that I've stated here- lol. Best of luck man. I really hope that you get the problems solved.

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Shoot you paid 35k for yours? Mine was only 18k new of course I got it super stripped down and a 2-door.

I agree there are lots of fit/finish issues on the JK. There are also several questionable design decisions. My family has had a Chrysler product in it for about 20 years now and it is what I've come to expect from them.

If it wasn't for the offroad capabilities of my Jeep I would have never even looked at it.

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