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Originally Posted by RiverCityOffroad View Post
Rebel - When you guys load up the containers do you have to secure everything to the floor too? I looked at that axle laying there and then though about El Capitan getting jiggy in the wheel house and that axle attacking everything else in the container.

That's really awesome! I bet it was fun packing all of that stuff up for those guys. Putting it in a container and giving it to a bunch of care-free sailors doesn't seem like it would be as fun though! Ha ha!

We thought of that as well - but UPS was going to have to unload the container anyways to x-ray the contents. The axles are ratchet strapped to their pallets.

Originally Posted by spillidge View Post
Trep stickys give me a half chub.

Are they 40's? I bet those are a cheap tire
Yep - 40's. Same tires I run on my 4-door.
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