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Originally Posted by Phxjkx09 View Post
Just saw on the news that the haboob may now be linked to the economy!

Their logic goes something like this:
With urbanization, concrete, roads, buildings, etc cover up the desert soil, and thus keeps the dust down. But with all the foreclosures and vacant houses, the yards haven't been watered, therefore allows a bunch of dust to be available for the wind to pick up. Un-be-fuckenlieavable.

Not one of these TV a-holes noticed the dust storm was acomin' from 150 miles away? This is a damn desert after all! Not caused by vacant/foreclosed homes, idiots.

I've lived in this desert my whole life, haboobs just started recently. They were always dust storms before.
Yup makes perfect sense. As the homes foreclose the dust moves in because prices are just so damned low. Then once a month or so all the dust heads into town to buy supplies and groceries. Unfortunately dust can't drive a car (they have a hard time with the AC) and so they head in on foot. As they walk down the street they gather all their friends and relatives (for reasons unknown to science) and they make a big hubbub (see rabble). The news, who is always screwing up everything, mistook this hubbub as a "haboob" and hence the name stuck.

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