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Originally Posted by bigabt83 View Post
yea, i already went through this last summer and you explained it to a "T"... now i have to do it to the console side as it failed me about 3/4 way up a nice steep sandy hill.... i have the 08' X.... any ideas? do i have to take the damn console out? if so then FML!
Yep, the console has to come out. It's not that bad at all, though - do a search, someone who was bedlining their interior did a write-up that included the console removal. It only takes a few minutes to pull it. The worst part is actually getting the knob off of your t-case lever (and 6-speed shifter if you have it). When pulling it off, don't be staring down the barrel of it Popeye-style, or you'll give yourself a black eye and probably knock yourself out when it comes loose.

Naturally the console end is much easier to reach than the t-case end. I manged a triple-whammy on it - hitch clip, e-clip (3/16") and twisted some bailing wire over the open end to prevent it from getting any sneaky escape ideas. It's Appalachian Engineering at its finest but I don't think its likely to budge, and is ten-fold better at least than the factory Jeep crap.

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