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My transfer case linkage fix

How to fix transfer case linkage

Everyone has their own way, hereís how I did mine. No pictures Ė believe me, it will be easy to follow along.

1) First, drive home from the place where you had to be towed to on Chryslerís dime when the thing broke, since your Poly Performance t-case skid made access impossible.

2) Go to the dealership and buy some of the offending bushings, just in case you need them. (you wonít; youíre developing a better solution). Marvel at the 35-cent butter-soft, heat-and-grease susceptible plastic component that disabled your vehicle.

3) Go to hardware store Ė acquire an assortment of steel sleeves, bushings, tubing, washers, and e-clips to craft your solution.

4) Pull Poly t-case skid Ė you will need arms the length of cro-magnon man to reach a few of the nuts underneath. Remove it and examine the shredded remains of previous bushing that nestled there. Set aside.

5) Realize that you canít remove the shift pawl from the transfer case, because youíve got a Rubicon Ė instead of the 10mm nut that the other models have, you have a little allen or torx head on there. Donít bother getting your wrenches Ė itís so close to the front driveshaft yoke there is no way to get to it off without pulling the drive shaft and yoke. Abandon idea of removing pawl. Understand you therefore canít use anything you bought at the hardware store.

6) Install new butter-soft, heat-and-grease susceptible failure prone bushing into cable end. Cut bushing end flush with cable eye and slide on shaft. Take a washer and e-clip and get them into position.

7) Call Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot as the washer and e-clip repeatedly bounce off your safety glasses and roll into oblivion every time you try to get pliers into the tiny, unreachable, convoluted spacers between the exhaust, driveshaft yoke, and cables. Abandon the e-clip idea.

8) Get into other car and drive back to hardware store. Buy some hitch pins. Come back and clip hitch pin into recess on end of shaft.

9) Done. Now have fun doing the console side.

10) Realize hours have gone by. Drink beer. Revel in your new deep, complete understanding of exactly why Chrysler quality is still regarded as the poorest in the industry and why we are all funding their bailout with every paycheck.

Thatís it! Youíve done good. Now go break it again.

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