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I hear you that there's a lot of people just looking for the bling factor. I was afraid that there was so much in the market that caters to them, that's why I didn't get just a coil over kit. I don't like how the coil overs are at severe angles in the rear. That seemed like too much form over function for me.

I also agree with you that most people won't tune their suspension, and that's going to boil down to the fact that you cannot expect people to understand the complexities of shock tuning and what changes can do for the ride. There's not a dumbed down shock that will get people 90% of the way there. It takes a specialist or someone to dedicate serious time to understand it. I believe money spent on a pro tuning shocks is money well spent. I was so disappointed when I saw the bypass shocks that came in the lever kit. They are like toys!

The reason I wanted coil overs and bypass shocks is because I am coming from buggies back to Jeeps. I have had buggies the last 10 years, dabbled a little in racing and decided that I would rather have a jeep that can take the family for ice cream and can take me through the hammers. Having said that, I still want to be able to drive the thing like a buggy! I know it won't be a buggy, but still want it capable.

I looked at the Genright setup and if it would have been capable with UD 60's I would have gone that route. The deal breaker was that it's cost with the required axles was just too far over what I wanted to spend.

Back to the EVO high clearance arms, the lowers on the axle side are raised substantially over stock. But I'll take a look at raising them in line with the axle tube. I would be concerned that then the uppers would be too low.

For now, I just want to get this thing working well in the form that it's in, then work on the tweaking. Meanwhile I would like to get a clear understanding of it's downfalls and compromises so I can make plans for the next move.

Thanks for everyone's feedback and sorry OP for hijacking your thread!
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