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That last post was helpful in understanding some of the concern. I still need to cycle the suspension extremes and see what the reality comes out to.

The EVO high clearance rear arms are both mounted outside the frame. They are almost straight front to back, so I see how at full droop it would pull the axle forward more than if it were inboard.

Edit: the track bar is the stock bar.

Another good point you made is how inboard the cantilever mounts to the axle. I wonder if there’s a way to fix this.

These are things that I didn’t know/understand before I bought the system. I wanted a kit instead of one off fabricating because my time is limited. I wanted to do the work myself, but didn’t want to go through the steep learning curve. A kit made sense, but I guess the learning curve is inevitable.

There’s just not a lot of info out there about JK Kits with coilovers and bypasses. I try to avoid that other site, but it has the most info out there. Take it all with a grain of salt.

So far I don’t have a lot of drive time on this setup, but it seems to handle pretty well. It’s predictable on the road, and I haven’t taken it off road yet. Getting bugs worked out of the Motech kit first.

I sure could have used a thread like this before I bought it. Not sure yet if that would have changed the outcome though.
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