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Ya'll are awesome, glad to be back, thanks again!

Sooo the York compressor should be able to actuate the swaybar and inflate tires easily with no air tank, but i was think of taking advantage of the available air I would have on hand now. How about a big air horn??!! I ordered a Viair 2.5 gallon tank and then proceeded to try and figure out where i could mount it.

Going to need to move the EVAP canister out of the way. This would free up a large amount of room between the exhaust and rear drive shaft. Unfortunately the bolt-on relocation kits wouldn't work with my rear suspension

Then I found this jewel

Went to order it and when the total came out to over $400.00 for a simple bracket, I lost interest and backed out.

Started to design my own bracket similar to this one, but then I wouldn't have room to mount the air horn I had picked out, so figured out a way to get the EVAP to the rear, right behind the fuel tank, using the OEM bracket and some rivet nuts. Had to cut out the right rear spring bucket.

A few hoses and clamps and that was taken care of.

Air tank has room to be mounted, just had to cut one of it's mounts off and reweld it into a slightly different spot to get it to sit under the jeep the way I wanted. I mounted it as far backwards as I could without any exotic brackets to be able to put a drain valve on the bottom port and not have it get knocked off by a rock or something (hopefully). Made a heat shield for whatever reason out of some 0.063" aluminum to put between the tank and exahust too.

M6 Rivet nuts that fit the tanks rubber isolating mounts

I didn't bolt the tank up yet because I need to do something different with my tail pipe. You can probably see on the corner of my storage box in the last picture that the exhaust has been heating it up and also burning the powdercoat on my track bar. Guess I'm gonna put a turn-down right behind the cat since I cant find a better way out without it blowing on something else important (shocks, bumpstops, tire, brakes, etc.)

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