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Originally Posted by Dunright View Post
IMO the "skipped leg day" look is far from the lift and tires i want to put on. especially with the stock fenders. Once i get 37s and throw smaller fenders on, itll fill out very nicely.

The rims i bought have 4.75 backspacing and will definitely giver her some nice stance. also, wider stance = help with COG

Also, steel parts DO in fact help with COG. Basic Physics and weight distribution of this should be somewhat common sense. Everyone no matter what size lift or tires you put on, is prone to rolling over and being unstable. Hell, the STOCK is still not that stable.

I'll post pics of my beast when shes done. 4/4.5" lift with 35s will look awesome, Change My Mind.
Ok, I'll give you a D- for participation, but your understanding of "Basic Physics" couldn't be more incorrect. I understand you're not concerned with the opinions and experiences of those of us that have done this a time or two, but for anyone else that comes across this thread, adding weight (Bumpers, Winch, Tire carrier, etc.) will not decrease center of gravity, ever... The only way to lower your center of gravity is to either decrease weight, or physically lower the center of mass, ie. lower lift.

Yes, all vehicles used in off camber terrain are susceptible to rolling over.. That's the point of decreasing the COG and therefore increasing the stability...

Chase Weston
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