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Originally Posted by rockystock View Post
To the OP, here's a shot of my 3.5" lift immediately following the install, with 32's just before heading to the tire shop. I know it's not what you were looking for but you probably weren't looking for discussion on an excellent tire either haha. Besides, I figured if you're going for that "skipped leg day" look, this is a good example

By the way, my 3.5 RK lift sat at 4.25" because I didn't have any aftermarket weight on it. Here's a couple shots from the same day, after new tires:

I'm currently finishing up an engine swap with a 1.25" body lift along with the 3.5" and may go down to 2.5" springs to get ride height back to pre-BL (high steer kit will require some frame clearancing to go less than 3" without hitting bump stops constantly). I'll take some pics of what will almost certainly be the top heavy / "high roller" look, with ~5-5.5" of lift on 35's lol.

IMO the "skipped leg day" look is far from the lift and tires i want to put on. especially with the stock fenders. Once i get 37s and throw smaller fenders on, itll fill out very nicely.

The rims i bought have 4.75 backspacing and will definitely giver her some nice stance. also, wider stance = help with COG

Also, steel parts DO in fact help with COG. Basic Physics and weight distribution of this should be somewhat common sense. Everyone no matter what size lift or tires you put on, is prone to rolling over and being unstable. Hell, the STOCK is still not that stable.

I'll post pics of my beast when shes done. 4/4.5" lift with 35s will look awesome, Change My Mind.
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