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4/4.5” game changer on 35s 4 door

I run 35s on a 3.5 game changer.
Just yesterday I ordered 5 trail grapplers in 37”, I expect zero problems with that set up.

If it’s “the look” you’re after, and you care more about that than the function, there are several other lifts that would be a whole lot cheaper.

If you want good function over “look” you’re probably making a mistake.

I’m new here, I’ve found these guys to generally know what they are talking about and have always gotten respectable advice when I’m respectful.

Here’s my current set up

I have fenders in the paint shop, they’ll go on when the 37s do.

I’m pretty sure that I haven’t seen much (if any)settling with added weight. I’m of the opinion that MetalCloak has their shit together, and the springs they sell have a touch of engineering behind them. If you’re going 4.5 expecting to sag, again you’re probably making a mistake. (The wrong assumption)

If you look at my “our 2017 jkur” thread, you can clearly see that I too made the assumption that there would be some settling If there was any it’s very minor, I was wrong.

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